Fighter's disturbing leg injury shocks MMA fans

WARNING: The following article contains graphic images that some readers might find disturbing.

Fans have been left stunned after a star MMA fighter suffered a gruesome injury in seemingly innocuous circumstances.

Eduardo Dantas suffered a brutal TKO loss to Michael McDonald at Bellator 202 on Saturday, the fight lasting just 55 seconds.

But the loss wasn’t the least of Dantas’ worries.

Dantas crashed to the canvas. Image: Bellator

A big right hand from McDonald sent Dantas crashing to the canvas, and he never managed to get back up as his opponent moved in and finished him off.

The quick finish was a bit of a surprise, but not when fans saw replays of how Dantas fell.

The Brazilian’s left leg buckled horribly before his full weight came crashing down on top of it, with his ankle sticking out at a gruesome angle as a result.

According to, the bone was sticking out of the bottom of Dantas’ leg.

Fans were understandably stunned by the nasty injury.