FIFA to make decision on 2026 WC host

Australia will vote for the joint bid from the US, Canada and Mexico to host the 2026 World Cup when a vote is held in Russia on Wednesday.

The joint bid by Canada, Mexico and the United States has been the front-runner from the moment a coalition was first mooted two years ago, but their opponents Morocco have closed the gap.

The voting rules has changed from the corruption-stained process that awarded hosting rights for the 2018 and 2022 events.

Back in 2010, when Australia bidded for the 2022 tournament, individual members of FIFA's Executive Committee voted.

But for Wednesday's vote, each member federation will cast a ballot, except the four bidding countries.

Additionally, Morocco has been successful in lobbying FIFA to stop US overseas territories American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands from voting.

The North American bid is worried that the policies of US President Donald Trump may cost them votes.

However, the bid will be of huge appeal to the FIFA bean-counters as there is a projected profit of more than PS8billion for the governing body.

Morocco has largely avoided competing with the North Americans in a money race.

So Morocco has concentrated its pitch on the country's undisputed passion for soccer and its Euro-friendly time zone.

Just to add to the complexity, there is a third option for voters: neither Morocco or United and we start a new bidding process.

A New York Times tracker of declared voters suggests the North American bid has a slight edge.

It has 27 of the 211 federations committed to supporting the United bid, and a further 19 leaning that way.

That includes South and Central America, which has decided to vote as a bloc.

Morocco has 20 committed votes, led by France, Belgium and including future hosts Russia and Qatar.

With 104 votes required to win, Morocco is expected to win the great majority of Africa's 54 available votes.

The FIFA meeting begins at 4pm (AEST).