Female referee brutally assaulted after red-carding male player

WARNING: The following article contains graphic images that some readers may find confronting.

A female football referee has allegedly been assaulted after she issued a red card to a male player.

Yuri Daniels was refereeing a game in Belize on Sunday when the shocking act of violence occurred.

A photo of Ms Daniels’ badly swollen face was circulated on social media on Monday, prompting an official statement from the Football Federation of Belize.

“The Federation condemns this despicable act and will no tolerate such behaviour,” the statement reads.

“The Federation will not tolerate violence against women.

“It is important to always be mindful that sportsmanship and respect for teammates, opponents and officials of the game in all capacities is an integral part of all sports.”

The Federation’s official statement.

National Female Football Belize posted the photo of Ms Daniels’ face on their Facebook page, along with an encouraging message of support.

“We admire our female referees who are courageous to be on the field officiating male games,” they wrote.

“We want Justice for our female Referee. We fully support you and admire how brave you are.”

The brutal result of the attack.

Facebook user Carlos Net Acosta Sr, who also posted the photo of Ms Daniels’ face, posted a message he says he received from the referee.

“Some players don’t understand that’s not easy to be a Reff and we try our best to call fair plays,” the post says.

“The players are our priority, so any little foul I see I call because of preventing fight among them…

“Every action has consequences so think before u act when participating on any sports.”