Female equality a 'bigger fight' than Rubiales - former Wales striker Harries

Former Wales striker Gwennan Harries says it will take more than just getting rid of Luis Rubiales to achieve equality in some football associations.

The Spanish football federation president has been the centre of controversy after kissing a player on the lips after the World Cup final.

Jenni Hermoso said it was not consensual - and despite mass calls Rubiales has refused to resign.

"It is deep rooted within the Spanish system," Harries said.

"It's not just this case, there are so many different cases. This goes on across a lot of different federations.

"I am really hoping the way the football community and the wider community have really pushed and got together, they will continue with that charge to try and make it right."

Rubiales has been suspend by Fifa, while Spanish prosecutors have opened a preliminary investigation into whether the incident amounts to sexual assault.

Speaking on Elis James' Feast Of Football podcast, Harries questioned "how can somebody like that be in that position in the first place?

"It's totally wrong, you can't condone it in the slightest," she said.

Amid the protests, more than 80 players have said they will not play for Spain's women's team until Rubiales is removed from his post.

He was expected to resign at an extraordinary general assembly, but instead said: "I don't deserve this manhunt".

Harries said: "It says a lot about him, the way that he has reacted. It says a lot about the Spanish FA and the way they've reacted.

"He is the forefront of it, obviously, he thinks he's done no wrong and still won't resign, but there are so many more behind it and this is the problem that players were trying to call out a year ago.

"I really hope that there's a big change in that FA, not just him going, the manager needs to go, the others that have backed him need to go.

"When you see things like that happen and won't speak out, that silence is killing the rest of the game,.

"It's so bad that it has taken winning a World Cup and this incident for the players to feel like they have enough strength for people to come forward.

"It has created a movement in Spain, which hopefully which change not just football, but also for female society."