Fear the Walking Dead confirms return of dead character in final episodes

kim dickens as madison clark, zoey merchant as wren fear the walking dead season 8, episode 1
Fear TWD character back from dead in final epsLauren Lo Smith - AMC

Fear the Walking Dead has confirmed the return of a supposedly dead character for its final episodes, and it looks like they may be an even bigger threat than before.

A new trailer for the last batch of six episodes (available to watch via Entertainment Weekly) has been released, and sees the return of Troy Otto, who was supposedly killed off in season 3 when Madison bludgeoned him to death.

Of course, this is a show where the dead can walk again, and when they do so they should be feared. And it looks like our protagonists should be afraid, as he's in control of an army of zombos.

fear the walking dead teaser daniel sharman as troy otto in season 8 trailer, sporting contact lenses and looking evil

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He also wants to know what PADRE is, as do we all. The mysterious government island project and the people who work for it are still shrouded in questions, and with only six episodes left, it feels like we're going to find out the whole truth.

The trailer also gives us a look at the returns of Strand and Luciana, who were absent for the first half of season 8. We also see a lot of snow, or what has theorised to actually be ash. Either way, it looks to be a dramatic final run for the long-running spin-off.

kim dickens as madison clark, zoey merchant as wren fear the walking dead season 8, episode 1
Lauren Lo Smith - AMC

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Although the flagship show is over and Fear is coming to an end, there's still PLENTY of The Walking Dead to get your undead rotting teeth into, with spin-offs for Negan and Daryl Dixon already released, and one focusing on Rick Grimes and Michonne that's on its way.

Fear the Walking Dead returns for its final episodes on October 22, 2023 at 9pm ET on AMC in the US, and will air on AMC on BT TV in the UK.

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