Farfalle Pasta Is Actually The Perfect Chip For All Your Creamy Dips

farfalle chips with dip
farfalle chips with dip - Barbara Neveu/Shutterstock

Sometimes chips and crackers can just feel played. Sure, everyone loves the crunch of a kettle chip with some French onion dip or a subtle water cracker topped with a robust pâté, but you get the sneaking suspicion that you've seen it all before. Is there nothing new under the sun when it comes to crunchy companions for creamy dips? Of course there is, you just need to look beyond the confines of the box of crackers and bag of chips. Though it requires a bit more effort in the kitchen, the work is worth it when you turn al dente pasta into toothsome chips through the magic of air-frying.

Quite possibly the best pasta to crisp up in such a way is farfalle. Affectionately known as bowtie pasta, farfalle takes center stage due to its distinctive shape. The wide "bowtie" ends of farfalle serve a dual purpose, making them not only a visually appealing choice but also an ideal vessel for scooping up dips.

Begin by boiling the farfalle noodles and draining them thoroughly, ensuring no excess water remains to interfere with the crisping process. Next, toss the boiled farfalle in olive oil and sprinkle the noodles with your choice of spices and herbs, such as garlic powder and dried oregano. Then, heat your air fryer to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing it to reach the optimal temperature for crisping. Arrange the seasoned farfalle in a single layer and cook for 10 minutes, making sure to toss the noodles halfway through for uniform crispiness.

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Beyond Farfalle

dried pasta shapes
dried pasta shapes - Melica/Shutterstock

Farfalle's shape and relative thickness make it a wonderfully rigid pasta chip. That means it can stand up to all manner of hearty dips that would shatter thin crackers and chips. Consider serving air-fried farfalle with a fall and winter favorite -- creamy spinach dip. Our recipe combines loads of cheese, spinach, herbs, and spices for a baked dip that requires a strong chip.

But farfalle (good as it is) isn't the only pasta that does double duty as both a noodle and a crunchy snack. Consider venturing into new territory with lasagna sheets. When broken into large pieces before boiling, these broad noodles can be transformed into delectable chips. The sturdiness of lasagna sheets prove a perfect foil for a meaty, chunky hoagie dip. Stout, ridged, rigatoni makes for a fun and functional crispy pasta chip too. Boil it up and toss with grated Parmesan, which adds to the crunch, and herbs before air-frying. Imagine dragging a tube or two through creamy goat cheese baked in a spicy Sicilian pesto.

For an Asian-inspired twist, look to chow fun noodles. These long, wide, thick noodles take on a quite unique quality when air-fried. The exterior becomes crunchy and holds a rigid shape, but due to the thickness, the interior remains pillowy soft. Break the chow fun noodles into large pieces before boiling or cut them into two to three-inch strips after. Once crispy, these can be served with a creamy peanut sauce or a chunky crab rangoon dip.

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