'Far too negative' and 'completely depressing'

Your Views
Your Views

We asked for your thoughts on St Johnstone's dramatic 2-1 loss to Dundee. Here's a taste of what you had to say...

Peter: For the third game in five, we're on the wrong end of a VAR call. The officials were poor and the decision to award the penalty was awful. More worrying were the decisions of Levein. The subs allowed Dundee to get even more on to the front foot and it was calling out for the guile of [Nicky] Clark.

Anon: The double substitution disrupted the teams rhythm when there was no need for change. He removed an attacking threat and filled the midfield with mediocrity.

Brian: The match today was abysmal. Why is Levein taking off strikers and then parking the bus? It doesn't look to me like the players know what the manager wants them to do. This should have been a good result to leapfrog Dundee and get further up the table. Today's game didn't give any hope for the future. Completely depressing.

Anon: Constant changes to team, tactics and formation are doing nobody any favours, except the opposition. Play-off now looks certain to me. Whether we survive or not, wide attacking players are required to complement what we have. We cannot continue with so much negativity, as home crowds will continue to suffer. Try to win rather than not lose is key.

Gordon: Far too negative after taking the lead. I have zero faith in Levein & Kirk. Watching Saints is awful. Top six idea is a joke. More likely bottom three at best. As for VAR, it's killing football. I have been a season ticket holder for more than 20 years but am close to having had enough. Blue cards and I am done.