Fantasy Football Podcast: NFL dysfunctional franchise power rankings

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This second week of March is not the busiest time in the NFL calendar. In the valley between the combine and the start of free agency, with an important labor vote potentially getting resolved over the weekend, NFL fans and prognosticators alike feel like they're about to crest the first drop of a roller coaster. Lots of anticipation. Not much action.

Have no fear, the Yahoo Fantasy Football Podcast still rolls out the important #content on a weekly basis. Inspired by last week's discussion of Amari Cooper's bumpy tenures in Oakland & Dallas, Matt Harmon & Liz Loza spend the podcast today doing their first annual NFL Franchise Dysfunction Rankings.

After a shared top 4 of the usual clown show franchises (hello, Dan Snyder!), the real arguments begin. Why are Matt & Liz so far apart on the Cowboys and Patriots? Are the Lions truly a bad franchise or is their consistency worthy of praise? Is the Bill O’Brien era in Houston a sign of operational competency or ineptitude? Why are our hosts so low on the Steelers? New logo aside, are the Rams truly a top tier franchise or are they teetering on the verge of being the Chargers?

See our experts’ full rankings:

(Albert Corona/Yahoo Sports)
(Albert Corona/Yahoo Sports)

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The Cleveland Browns ranked very high in Liz Loza & Matt Harmon's power rankings of most dysfunctional NFL franchises. (Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)