Fantasy FaceOff - Week 8

Andy Behrens and Tank Williams compare Giants' Daniel Jones to similarly ranked quarterbacks.

Video transcript

ANDY SERWER: All right, "Fantasy Faceoff" time. You guys know the drill here. This is where we take one of the most popular waiver adds of the week, and we measure him against similarly ranked fantasy commodities. We're talking about Daniel Jones here. And Daniel Jones, coming off the game with over 100 rushing yards, over 200 passing yards, doesn't really have much of a receiving corps, but he's got a great matchup this week against Seattle.

So Tank/Russ, let's talk about Daniel Jones versus the quarterback that he's going to see this week in week eight, Geno Smith. Who do you like?


TANK WILLIAMS: I call this the Chad Powers because of course I'm not going with Geno. Like, who is more prone to do high knees on a plane on a long trip going to the West Coast to play against a defense that gives up the 10th most fantasy points to a quarterback? And my defense rolling in gives up 19-- the 19th most fantasy points to quarterbacks.

So I mean, you know, like, when I kind of do that analysis because that's what I like to do, like, I'm always evolving. And so I look at-- hey, Geno, like, took my job over there in Seattle. And he's playing well Daniel Jones took my job where I thought I was going in New York, but he just is like Eli Manning. So that's why I'm going with Daniel Jones.


ANDY SERWER: Sound logic, hard to argue with it. Both of them strong plays this week. Listen, if you're not doing high knees on a plane, have to question your commitment to winning. So good on you, Russ. That is a good call. But again, I think-- I think both can be top 12 options this week.

How about Daniel Jones against Derek Carr? How are you feeling about that one?

TANK WILLIAMS: I call this the communion because Derek and I are just on a different level right now. Like, I feel like our spiritual flow is pure. And that carries over between the white lines. If you don't believe me, just look at our bank accounts. And I believe that it's going to be blessings on blessings on blessings for Derek. And you see, I'm already about to get the win over there across the pond.

And I believe that Derek is going to play well as well. So therefore, I'm going with Derek Carr.


ANDY SERWER: Ooh, that's a little bit spicy, but I like it. OK, final one here. Let's talk Daniel Jones versus Jared Goff. You never know what you're going to get from that Lions offense.


TANK WILLIAMS: Oh, I don't even know what to call this one. This is a guy who was supposed to be a bad quarterback. I felt like I used to beat him up all the time. And now he goes over to Detroit, and he starts the ball out. I went to a new team. You don't see me throwing around touchdowns and all that kind of stuff like that.

Has an amazing matchup against the Miami Dolphins. I mean, what's up with this? I mean, and that's the thing. Jared Goff used to be the butt of everyone's jokes. Now everybody is saying that he is not Matthew Stafford, he's better than Matthew Stafford. Matthew Stafford won a Super Bowl. But then people don't want to ride with me. [LAUGHS] Jared Goff--

ANDY SERWER: It's outrageous, right? It's outrageous.


I think-- I think you're going Jared Goff there. Jared Goff obviously has a fantastic matchup, absolutely fantastic matchup. They both do, but Jared Goff has more weapons. I don't think there's any question.

TANK WILLIAMS: Why doesn't anyone want to ride?


ANDY SERWER: Let's ride.