Fans pay $500 for skateboards painted with Tony Hawk's blood

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Skating proudly sits on the fringes of popular culture. 

So Tuesday's Tony Hawk news should come as no surprise?

The skateboard icon appeared in a marketing video offering fans a very unique opportunity. For the low low price of $500, you can buy a skateboard painted with Hawk's blood. Or you could have, at least. 

Hawk partnered with Liquid Death, a company that brands itself as mountain water for the metal faction. Because thrashing is thirsty work, apparently.

Together, they offered up 100 limited-run skateboards emblazoned with the company's slogan. They feature a graphic of a shirtless executioner with a can of Liquid Death where his head should be. He also has eyeballs instead of nipples and holds a bloody axe in one hand and what appears to be a raven's skull in the other. Metal, indeed.

So about Hawk's blood. 

The video features Hawk sitting on a chair in a half-pipe while a nurse draws his blood. He tells viewers "they're gonna mix my blood into the paint and do a limited run of skateboards using my real blood in the graphics."

It then shows what is presumably Hawk's blood being mixed into some red paint. You can see it below. If needles make you squirm, maybe don't hit play. 

Hawk then guided prospective buyers to the company's website, where a lucky 100 could plunk down $500 for said skateboard, with the option to secure the purchase with four interest-free payments of $125. 

If that sounds like a deal to you, then you're out of luck. They're sold out. Sorry for not informing you earlier. 

There's always the secondary market. 

Tony Hawk
You missed your chance to own some of Tony Hawk's blood. (Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage)

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