'Fans should just want honesty'

Michael Brown
Ange Postecoglou
[Getty Images]

When Ange Postecoglou said "there are some strange things here" at Tottenham, he knows the mentality has to change.

He is constantly being asked about mentality and desire and whether they can be in it to compete alongside Manchester City. But he wants them to be much more ruthless to be in a better situation on and off the pitch.

The fans do not always accept this. Some wanted Spurs to lose to City in order to stop Arsenal from winning the league and this did not sit well witch Postecoglou.

Their recruitment has got to be better because they have got to build a squad that can get into the top four. I believe he has an eye on who he would like to bring in and that is key because he has got to be involved in those decisions.

He needs time but ultimately you do not get that in football. If he wins games then that gives him the time to develop what he wants to do.

He has come across really well all season in interviews and it is only at the end where has got a bit frustrated.

Fans should just want honesty. They can shout, rant and rave, with no real understanding of the situation but he does have an understanding of the situation.

Is that not the idea of a manger, to say when things are not good enough?

Michael Brown was speaking to BBC Sport's Katie Stafford