Rihanna Caught Another Stray From Drake According To Fans, And Now They're Calling Him Out

It's 2024, and Drake is still bringing up Rihanna, y'all.

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Drake, 37 (real name Aubrey Graham), and Rihanna, 35, go way, way back performing in multiple tracks together from their respective albums. And yes, they're all hits.

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For years, the pair collaborated on music like Rihanna's "What's My Name?" or "Take Care" from Drake's 2011 album of the same name, and everyone (mostly Drake) speculated there was more there. At the 2016 MTV VMAs, he even said, "She's someone I've been in love with since I was 22 years old." But Rihanna insisted they were only friends.

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Okay, Aubrey.

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Since Drake's love for Rihanna remained unrequited indefinitely, fans began to speculate that he was taking shots at the "Bitch Better Have My Money" singer in his 2023 song "Fear of Heights" off his eighth studio album.

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Rihanna and her partner A$AP Rocky, who've been friends and collaborators for years, announced their relationship in 2021. The pair share two children together, RZA and Riot Rose.

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And here we are in 2024, and fans are speculating again that he's taking another shot at Rihanna. During the opening night of the It's All a Blur Tour — Big As the What? in Tampa, Florida, Drake refused to perform his part of another Rihanna collaboration, the 2016 hit "Work."

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It's literally a song from Rihanna's eighth studio album Anti, so why did he need to play it at his concert in the first place?

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Once a clip of Drake made its rounds on the internet, fans immediately called out Drake for the seemingly shady comments toward Rihanna.

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One X user wrote, "Drake is such an interesting character because why tf did he add it to the setlist in the first place."

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"He easily could've just removed the song from his set," another user wrote.

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Someone else posted, "Nobody asked. Why would he have it on the setlist if he wasn't gonna perform it?"

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Another fan said, "Rihanna is happily married with two kids, and he's still trying to be shady like high school kids?"

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One fan posted this hilarious clip with the caption, "Drake when Rihanna said 'Drake... you need to let me go and move on... I'm married now okay.'"

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Someone else questioned Drake's motives, writing, "Why keep it in the setlist if he won't sing it... I don't understand."

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"He's a bitter Scorpio. They were never even in a relationship. All this while he was hiding a child. Rih dodged a bullet."

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I get it, Drake. Rihanna's on my mind every day, too, until she releases a new album, but let's find a different way to express it in 2024.

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