A Fan-Favorite Burger Is Back by Popular Demand at Smashburger

It adds a whole new cheesy layer to the classic cheeseburger.

<p>Dotdash Meredith/Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith/Janet Maples

If there’s one thing that sets apart one burger from the next, it's how the burger is made. While there’s a time and a place for a perfectly shaped, thick, and juicy pub burger, the crispy edges and juicy interior of a smash burger are king in my heart. In fact, our top two favorite fast-food cheeseburgers are both smash burgers.

You can find smash burgers at many chains, but there’s one that not only serves that style of burger but is also named for it: Smashburger. The chain is known for its classic burgers, but it also just brought back a fan-favorite, plus an entirely new burger to get excited about.

Smashburger Brings Back the Mac & Cheese Burger

The chain just announced the return of the Mac & Cheese Burger, available at locations across the country. The burger is made with Certified Angus Beef and topped with American cheese and a dose of mac and cheese for a delightfully cheesy double-whammy capped with a toasted bun.

But the returning Mac & Cheese Burger isn’t coming to the menu alone. A spicy twist is debuting alongside it, the Scorchin’ Hot Mac & Cheese Burger. The Scorchin’ Hot burger features all the goodies on the Mac & Cheese Burger with a hot and spicy twist: the mac and cheese is seasoned with Smashburger’s Scorchin’ Hot seasoning to turn up the heat on the comfort food mashup.

The Mac & Cheese Burger originally debuted in February 2023 to rave reviews. On a TikTok from the chain, fans begged the chain to keep the burger on the menu permanently and said, “I HAD IT THE OTHER DAY AND FELL IN LOVE.” According to Smashburger Senior Vice President of Global Operations Toni Bianco in a press release from the brand, "After the Mac & Cheese Burger became one of our top performing LTOs [limited-time offers] of all time, we knew we had to bring the beloved dish back to satisfy our guests' cravings and turn up the heat with the new Scorchin' Hot Mac & Cheese Burger."

A large part of the appeal is how the macaroni and cheese is served. The mac and cheese destined for your burger isn’t just slapped onto the burger, it’s first cooked on the griddle, creating a cheesy crust to add to the flavor and texture of the burger itself. The mac and cheese layer is available to add to any burger you build.

These burgers are only available for a limited time, so you’ll have to head to your local Smashburger before Jan. 3, 2024, if you want to try it. Otherwise, you’ll have to make a DIY version at home—mac and cheese not included.  

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