Fan banned from football club for life over post about Queen's death

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Football players are pictured from behind paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.
A football fan's post about the Queen's death in reply to his local club has seen the English second-tier club ban the fan for life. (Photo by William Early/Getty Images)

The death of Queen Elizabeth II has been a touchy subject in the sporting world, and one English football fan has wound up being banned from his local club for life after making a mockery of her death online.

Football has been disrupted perhaps more than any other sport, with many fixtures in England being postponed until after the Queen's funeral next week.

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This has led to a mixed reaction from football fans and some criticism that their dismay is insensitive with the UK in a period of mourning.

There has also been backlash in Australia, with NRLW player Caitlin Moran facing a one-week ban and a suspended fine worth a quarter of her salary for an insensitive post.

The AFLW also came under fire for backflipping on holding a minute of silence for the Queen, due to the league celebrating Indigenous Round last weekend.

While most sporting controversies involve players, clubs or leagues, few fans could expect to be slapped with a ban for replying to a tweet posted by a club.

But that's exactly what happened to a fan of Preston North End Football Club, who playing England's second-tier competition.

After the club posted on Twitter commemorating the death of the Queen, the anonymous fan replied to it asking 'Will I be ejected from the stadium if I boo during a minutes silence for the death of the queen?'.

Another tweet, since deleted, also suggested the author hoped the royal family also died while travelling for the funeral.

In a statement issued to The Guardian, Preston North End FC said that while they respected the right to free speech and accepted some posts about the Queen may not be agreeable, they felt the fan in question had crossed a line.

"In this specific case a series of tweets were put into the public domain and by association linked to this football club," the statement read.

"One specific tweet, which has since been deleted, crossed the boundary of acceptability and by associating us as a club a stadium ban was issued.

“As with all decisions, if the individual were to make representations as to why our decision was inappropriate to their actions we will always listen.”

The club had actually been in contact with the supporter in question by phone and letter, but the ban was only revealed when they posted an image of the letter on social media.

The letter, which revealed he had also been banned from away fixtures contested by Preston North End, said he was banned for life from purchasing tickets to games or merchandise, and that police had been informed of the ban.

“So because my views don’t line up with theirs I deserve a ban?” the fan subsequently posted on Twitter, accompanied by an image of the letter.

“That seems a bit strange to me. What about if I don’t vote the same as them in the next election? Is that ban worthy? I don’t like the royal family, that’s not worthy of a ban.”

Queens Elizabeth II's death causes division in football world

The Queen's death has caused quite a stir in the football world.

While Liverpool fell silent to mark the death of Queen Elizabeth II last week, German football giants Bayern Munich called out British teams with a targeted banner to question why sport was delayed on the weekend.

Bayern Munich defeated Barcelona 2-0 in their Champions League Group C match, which marked the return of Robert Lewandowski to his former home.

However, many viewers were surprised to see the German team calling out their British counterparts for cancelling weekend games due to the death of Her Majesty the Queen.

Premier League officials announced before the weekend all games would be postponed in honour of Queen Elizabeth II.

Anfield fell silent to honour the memory of the longest ever serving British monarch.

But in stark contract to the English giants, Bayern Munich fans displayed a banner to question British football.

Bayern Munich fans show a banner critical of football fixtures being postponed due to the Queen's death.
Bayern Munich fans displayed a banner registering their displeasure at British football fixtures being postponed due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II. (Photo by Catherine Steenkeste/Getty Images)

"Last minute match delays and bans because of a royal's death? Respect fans!" the banner read.

The Bayern Munch banner could have been referring to UEFA's decision to postpone the Rangers and Napoli clash.

Napoli's visit to Glasgow was delayed 24 hours and fans were banned from travelling to Ibrox Stadium.

UEFA also announced that Rangers fans will be denied travel to Napoli in order to make sure both fans receive the same treatment.

The game was less controversial than the supporters' stance.

Bayern scored twice in four minutes against the run of play through Lucas Hernandez and Leroy Sane in Munich on Tuesday night and are now top of their group on six points from two matches.

Barcelona were dominant for 50 minutes and have only themselves to blame for not taking the lead, with Lewandowski coming close twice and Pedri and Gavi also missing golden chances.

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