'False bravado': Carlton antagonist slammed for 'crap' tactics'

Carlton’s Jed Lamb has had on-field antics slammed by a couple of AFL legends.

The 25-year-old forward has earned the title of ‘antagonist’ in recent times, having got under the skin of opponents with constant niggling during matches.

Most recently, Lamb made life hell for Melbourne defender Michael Hibberd during Carlton’s 109-point loss over the weekend.

One week before, he was doing the same to Essendon’s Brendon Goddard.

While some former players have accepted the niggling tactics of Lamb, two former legends have come out particularly hard against them.

Lamb (left) has been criticised for his on-field antics. Pic: Getty

Essendon champion Tim Watson said Lamb’s tactics were ‘just crap’, and argued the pesky forward should be focusing more on his own output.

“When you see players go out there and they start whacking into the opposition players all over the ground, it’s not something that just happens on the spur of the moment,” Watson told SEN radio.

“They only do it because they’re protected by the boundary line and the game.

“Jed Lamb, the whole thing, it’s just crap.”

“The time to fight the fight is when the ball is there to be won or you’ve got to gut-run or do all those other things.

“It’s not about being able to whack someone off the ball.”

Lamb has been successful in getting under opponent’s skin. Pic: Getty

Meanwhile, Demons legend Garry Lyon was similarly scathing of Lamb’s recent work, arguing it’s a consequence of the rules that protect pesky players by preventing opponents from returning fire.

“This is the false bravado that comes from knowing you can pick a fight and that you’re never going to have to fight it,” Lyon told SEN.

However not everyone was against the aggressive tactics, with former AFL star Nick Dal Santo arguing the role allows certain players to find a niche in the game, without needing to have incredible skills.

“The bit I love about our game is that there is a position for everyone,” Dal Santo told Fox Sports after Cartlon’s game against Essendon.

“Without being really rude, Jed Lamb is not the best footballer.

“ But he’s got a role in the Carlton forward line and on the weekend that was to annoy the hell out of Brendon Goddard.”