FAIR Canada announces new funding and the election of its Board of Directors

FAIR Canada
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TORONTO, Nov. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FAIR Canada | Canadian Foundation for Advancement of Investor Rights is pleased to announce it has entered into an agreement with the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) that will provide FAIR Canada with stable funding for the next five years. The OSC will provide a total of $3.75 million over the term agreement.

Jean-Paul Bureaud, the newly appointed Executive Director of FAIR Canada, said, “We are very appreciative of the new funding arrangement, which will bring stability and allow FAIR Canada to focus on its mission of enhancing the rights of Canadian investors and being a national voice in securities regulatory development. The funding enables us to move our strategic priorities forward, including putting renewed focus on policy research. Importantly, it will also permit us to recruit additional staff to advance our core objectives.

FAIR Canada is also pleased to announce the election of the Board of Directors at the annual meeting of members held on November 9, 2020, the selection of Ellen Roseman to serve as its Chair, and Preet Banerjee as Vice-Chair of the Board. We also welcome the appointment of a new Director, Neil Gross. Mr. Gross is an experienced securities lawyer and former Executive Director of FAIR Canada. He is currently also Chair of the Investor Advisory Panel to the Ontario Securities Commission.

“Neil’s experience at FAIR Canada and as Chair of the Investor Advisory Panel, as well as his extensive experience as a securities lawyer, will be invaluable to FAIR Canada as we execute our strategic priorities. On behalf of the Board of Directors, we welcome Neil back to FAIR Canada in his new role and look forward to his contribution,” said Ellen Roseman.

FAIR Canada’s Board of Directors is composed of the following individuals:

Preet Banerjee, Vice-Chair | Toronto
Larry Bates | Toronto
Lines Deslandes | Washington D.C.
Robb Engen | Calgary
Guy Lemoine | Montreal
Wanda Morris | Vancouver
Rossa O’Reilly | Toronto
Ellen Roseman, Chair | Toronto
Marc Ryan | Montreal

About FAIR Canada: FAIR Canada is a national, independent charitable organization dedicated to being a catalyst for the advancement of the rights of investors and financial consumers in Canada. As the voice of the Canadian investor and financial consumer, FAIR Canada advances its mission through outreach and education, public policy submissions to governments and regulators, proactive identification of emerging issues and other initiatives. FAIR Canada has a reputation for independence, thought leadership in public policy and moving the needle in the interests of retail investors and financial consumers.

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