'Someone calm them down': Driver's 'uncivilised' act on own teammate

American Formula Two driver Santino Ferrucci was fined and banned for four races on Sunday for crashing into his Indian teammate, driving the car with a mobile phone in his hand and refusing to attend stewards’ hearings.

Stewards fined the 20-year-old, who is a development driver for the US-owned Haas Formula One team, 66,000 euros (AUD$104,000) and disqualified him from Sunday’s race at Silverstone.

He was banned from the next two rounds in Hungary and Belgium, four races in all.

Race organisers said Ferrucci had deliberately driven into the rear of Trident teammate Arjun Maini’s car on the cool-down lap.

He also forced Maini off the road during the race.

“He’s hit his teammate again! Someone calm down the Trident boys. That is, well, I hope that wasn’t deliberate,” one Sky Sports commentator exclaimed.

The second caller added: “It did look slightly so.”

Santonio Ferrucci. Pic: Sky Sports

The Formula Two website (www.fiaformula2.com) said the American had also been seen in the car, while it was going from the support paddock to pitlane, “wearing just one glove and holding a phone in his hand”.

It said that “violated both the technical and sporting regulations for incorrect driver safety equipment and the prohibition of wireless transmission devices within the car.”

Trident apologised on Twitter for their driver’s “unsportsmanlike and above all uncivilized behaviour”.

In tweets that have since been deleted, Ferrucci accused his teammate of similar acts.

“Says the one that cry’s (sic) on the radio. I just did my drug test so I’m all clear. Maybe if they showed what you did to me during the race more people would understand,” he wrote.

“Lot of keyboard jockeys out here today.”

with Reuters