Ricciardo's terrifying near-miss at 250km/h

Daniel Ricciardo narrowly avoided disaster at 250km/h during the Japanese Grand Prix.

Ricciardo claimed another podium in Japan, finishing third behind Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

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However his race very nearly ended in catastrophe when he came perilously close to a huge crash.

Williams driver Lance Stroll came careering off the track late in the race and tried to get back on in front of Ricciardo.

The Aussie driver came around the bend and saw Stroll re-enter the track right in front of him, having to take evasive measures to avoid colliding with his rival.

Ricciardo was in fine form. Image: Getty

"That was a nervy moment for Daniel Ricciardo wasn't it," commentators said.

Hamilton won the race from pole on Sunday and took a big step towards the Formula One world title as rival Sebastian Vettel was forced to retire early in the latest Ferrari drama.

He increased his championship lead over Vettel to 59 points with just four season races left as a spark plug failure led to the latest Ferrari setback.