F1 considers two-day Chinese GP option in November

Jonathan Noble

The outbreak of coronavirus in China forced race to try to reschedule the race later in the year, despite the difficulties of finding space for it.

The late-season run of races leaves no obvious gap for it to be slotted in – with one widely-talked-about possibility being that it takes place on the November 29 date that Abu Dhabi was down for, with the Yas Marina event then shifting back a week.

2020 Vietnamese circuit rendering

2020 Vietnamese circuit rendering FOM


Vietnam adamant that maiden GP will go ahead

Meanwhile, Vietnamese officials are adamant that their race is not threatened by the pandemic, despite the country’s proximity to China.

Local media quoted officials saying that no consideration was being given to re-evaluating Vietnam’s position on the calendar.

Tran Trung Hieu, deputy director of Hanoi’s tourism department, was quoted by AFP as saying: “The time for the... F1 race will not be postponed or delayed.

“Although this is a sports event, it has a very huge impact on Vietnam and Hanoi's tourism.”