F1 Champ Lewis Hamilton Just Launched a Non-Alcoholic Blue Agave Spirit to Rival Tequila

Lewis Hamilton is shifting gears, from racing cars to creating drinks.

The seven-time Formula 1 champion just unveiled a new non-alcoholic spirit that he created in partnership with Casa Lumbre’s cofounder and master distiller Iván Saldaña (pictured together top). Almave is made from blue agave and mirrors tequila in almost every way, except for the fact that it is entirely alcohol-free.

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Tequila has historically been Hamilton’s drink of choice, but there are times when the Brit doesn’t want alcohol to be part of the equation (or occasion). He quickly realized there was a gap in the market and a growing number of folks ditching the booze. He then decided to join forces with Casa Lumbre, the company behind Montelobos Mezcal and Alma Finca, to create a tequila alternative packed with flavor and tradition.

Lewis Hamilton Non-Alcoholic Blue Agave Spirit Almave
The Almave Blanco and Ambar.

“There’s a huge appetite for quality alternatives for those times when people don’t want to drink alcohol but also don’t want to compromise on flavor, which is why it was important that our product includes agave to reflect the taste of conventional tequila,” Hamilton said in a statement.

Almave is the only non-alcoholic product to use blue agave, according to the company. It is made from the same raw materials as tequila and mixed up in the same part of Mexico. But crucially, Almave skips the fermentation step in which the liquid becomes alcohol. As such, it cannot be called tequila. The team says you can expect the same distinct agave flavor and character, though.

Lewis Hamilton Non-Alcoholic Blue Agave Spirit Almave
The Almave Ambar in a booze-free Old Fashioned.

“I think it tastes amazing and what we have created is unlike anything else on the market, so I can’t wait to see what you all think,” Hamilton adds.

The best part? The team has created two expressions that can be enjoyed in different ways. The Almave Ámbar is perfect for sipping, with notes of roasted blue agave, sweet caramel, and toasted wood. Conversely, the Almave Blanco is a pure expression of blue agave and serves as a great base for faux Margaritas, Palomas, or other mocktails.

Lewis Hamilton Non-Alcoholic Blue Agave Spirit Almave
The Almave Blanco in an alcohol-free Margarita.

Almave will be available online beginning Thursday, October 26, then it will roll out to retailers and bars in the U.S. and beyond in 2024. The Ámbar and Blanco will be available in 700 ml bottles at a cost of $40 and $36, respectively.

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