'Who the f*** is Tom Brady': MLB star's epic error

Tom Brady is possibly the most recognisable name in American sports. Pic: Getty

If Tom Brady isn’t the most recognisable active American athlete, he’s on a very short list.

This means nothing to Ichiro Suzuki, a Major League Baseball outfielder who most recently played for the Miami Marlins at the back end of an 18 year stint in America.

Brady, the reigning NFL MVP quarterback of the New England Patriots, husband to supermodel Gisele Bündchen and sometimes strangely dressed man about town …

(Fine, here’s the photo again.)

Anyway, Brady apparently texted the recently retired Ichiro asking if he could study his stretching routine, according to a story in The Athletic.

Ichiro is one of the most entertaining players in Major League Baseball history and famously maniacal about his preparation off of it.

Brady is similarly focused on keeping his body sharp, and considering he won an MVP award at 40, it’s working pretty well.

Seems like a good match to hang out and discuss stretching and whatnot.

The thing is, Ichiro is so singularly focused on baseball, he had no idea who Brady even was.

If this passage from The Athletic doesn’t make you laugh today, nothing will:

One morning in spring training, 2017, he was in the coaches’ room looking at his cell phone text messages. Ichiro told the coaches about one message he had just received from a number he didn’t recognise.

The guy said he’d gotten Ichiro’s number from Alex Rodriguez (New York Yankees star), and that he wanted to come meet him and study his stretching system.

“What’s the guy’s name?” asked one of the coaches.

Ichiro strolled to the end of the text. “Some guy named Tom Brady. Who the f— is Tom Brady?”

Everything about those quick three paragraphs from Gammons and The Athletic is gold.

Gammons never revealed if Ichiro met up with Brady to talk about stretching, but that’s beside the point.

The takeaway is that Ichiro gave the quote that will have every Patriots hater smiling this week.