F-16s for Ukraine to arrive in Romania in two weeks — Dutch PM

F-16 fighter jets
F-16 fighter jets

The fleet of F-16 fighter jets the Netherlands has pledged to Ukraine will arrive at a training center in Romania in two weeks, Dutch PM Mark Rutte said in a Twitter post on Oct. 30.

“The Netherlands is supporting Ukraine on several fronts; this weekend talks began in Malta between the Netherlands and international partners on long-term security arrangements for Ukraine,” said Rutte.

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“I was also able to inform [Ukrainian] President [Volodymyr] Zelenskyy that the F-16s the Netherlands pledged in order to strengthen Ukrainian air defenses will arrive at the training center in Romania in two weeks’ time.”

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He added that training courses for Ukrainian pilots to fly them would begin shortly afterwards. The PM emphasized that the war in Israel will not divert the West's attention away from Ukraine.

“The existential need to push back against Russian aggression is still our priority, both for Ukraine and for the security of Europe as a whole,” the PM said.

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Finally, Rutte emphasized that the Netherlands continues participating in investigating Russia’s crimes of aggression since "the atrocities committed by Russia must not be forgotten."

On October 13, Politico cited U.S. official sources reporting that Ukrainian pilots will begin training to fly F-16 fighter jets at an Air National Guard base in Arizona from October 16.

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