Extraction 2 becomes one of Netflix's biggest-ever movies

chris hemsworth, extraction 2
Extraction 2 is one of Netflix's biggest moviesNetflix

Extraction 2 has become one of Netflix's biggest-ever movies – and could become even bigger than its predecessor.

The action sequel sees Chris Hemsworth return as mercenary Tyler Rake, and was released back in June on the streaming platform.

Netflix have unveiled their updated list of Top 10 most-popular movies, with Extraction 2 just hitting the number 10 spot with over 129 million views since its debut.

chris hemsworth, extraction 2

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It sits behind the first Extraction, which has over 135 million views, though the sequel is still within the 91-day premiere measurement window, so could yet overtake its predecessor.

The new record for Extraction 2 also means that it is the first Netflix franchise to have two movies sit in the Top 10 at the same time.

The movie previously hit the record for the biggest opening weekend for a Netflix movie in 2023, with 88.4 million hours viewed in its first few days.

chris hemsworth, extraction 2

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Fans will be pleased to know that a third movie is also on the way, with Hemsworth confirming the news at Netflix's TUDUM: A Global Fan Event in June. However, a release date is yet to be officially confirmed.

In Digital Spy's three-star review of Extraction 2, we said: "At the end of the day, the action is why you tune in: to see Chris Hemsworth splitting a guy's hand in two, taking down a helicopter and fighting multiple criminals simultaneously while carrying a wounded kid through a battlefield.

"If Netflix continues down this route, as the ending of the film suggests, there's much more yet to see from Tyler Rake."

Extraction and Extraction 2 are both streaming on Netflix now.

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