Exclusive: Why 'Always on My Mind' was chosen for All of Us Strangers

All of Us Strangers director Andrew Haigh has revealed why tear-jerker song 'Always on My Mind' was featured in the film.

Starring Andrew Scott, Paul Mescal, Jamie Bell and Claire Foy, the fantasy drama sees screenwriter Adam (Scott) drawn back to his small hometown while also sparking up a relationship with his neighbour Harry (Mescal).

Music is key to some of the most emotional moments in the film, with The Pet Shop Boys' cover of Brenda Lee single 'Always on My Mind' heard during the haunting Christmas scene.

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Talking exclusively to Digital Spy Tuesday night (January 23) at the UK Gala Screening, Haigh explained why this iconic pop hit and Celine Dion's smash hit ballad 'The Power Of Love' feature in the film.

"It was really easy, actually. They're songs I loved growing up and they're songs that speak to me and I think speak really importantly to the film and the themes of the film," he revealed. "Pop music has this amazing ability to unpick complicated emotions in a big grand way, and I love that about pop music."

Despite its recent Oscars snub, All of Us Strangers has proved a hit among viewers and was named one of the top ten independent films of 2023 by the National Board of Review. The film also earned six nominations at the BAFTA Awards, including Outstanding British Film.

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Mescal and Scott's performances have been praised for their authentic representation of LGBTQ+ people and relationships, with Haigh opening up on how he knew straightaway that the Normal People and Fleabag stars would work perfectly with each other.

"They really wanted to work with each other, they've become really good friends," he said. "I could see that relationship developing as I was filming it and they're also just really, really good actors.

"That's a thing that people forget when it's 'Do people have good chemistry?'. Are they good actors and do they listen to each other? Yes, and that's what they do."

All of Us Strangers is released in UK cinemas on January 26 and is already out in US cinemas.

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