Exclusive: Claire Foy shares unexpected All of Us Strangers reaction

All of Us Strangers star Claire Foy has opened up about an unexpected reaction to the film involving Andrew Scott playing her son.

The movie stars The Crown star and Jamie Bell as the hallucinated parents of Scott's character, a tortured writer who finds himself involved with a mysterious stranger, played by Paul Mescal.

Speaking to Digital Spy last night (January 23) at the UK Gala Screening of All of Us Strangers, Foy revealed the unexpected reaction she had to a scene involving Scott dressing in some Christmas pyjamas for a festive family day.

"When we saw him in those pyjamas, we had just thought: 'He was our son,'" she explained.

jamie bell, claire foy, all of us strangers
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She added: "When we've seen it in screenings and people start laughing, we're a bit bemused by it. I just felt nothing but love for him then, and it felt very, very natural that he was my child. I loved all the scenes in which we were together."

Foy also dished on whether she expected the buzz around the film to be quite so big.

"I knew I was amongst an incredible cast in a film by an amazing director, so I'm not ignorant of that, but I suppose you just never know if things hit home. I think Andrew [Haigh] was always really optimistic, but also open about the pitfalls of making this film that it could have not worked."

She added: "He did an extraordinary job and I think the film is so heartfelt and beautiful and I'm really so proud to be in it. Anything that means that people go and see the film is important because I think it helps people quite a lot."

jamie bell, claire foy, all of us strangers
Courtesy of Searchlight Picture

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Foy also had high praise when discussing working with Jamie Bell, saying: "I just love him. I think he's brilliant.

"He's an extraordinary actor and he's also an amazing human being. He is just a stand-up human being and I loved getting to know him. It was a real honour for me."

Digital Spy awarded All of Us Strangers four out of five stars, with our review noting: "Stories help us deal with grief, understand it, embrace it, and live with it. This movie deals with all that in the most mystical, heart-rending way."

All of Us Strangers is out now in US cinemas and will be released in UK cinemas on January 26.

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