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the world tarot card
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Congratulations! When the final card of the Major Arcana appears in a tarot reading, you know you’ve made it to the end of your current journey. You have accomplished something so MAJOR to be proud of, and all your hard work has paid off. It feels so good to overcome hurdles, persevere, and stay on track despite everything that may come up in your path to get here. Remember all the bumps in the road where you could have thrown in the towel and given up? But you didn’t, you stayed the course! You did it! You rode out the highs and the lows, you gained the wisdom and the experience, and now your dreams are coming true! Isn’t that so wonderful? This is your moment — enjoy it! Revel in this feeling of personal fulfilment and the achievement of total success.


Achievement, accomplishment, closure, personal fulfilment, completion.

The World upright meaning

Life is a long journey full of endless cycles. We are constantly starting something, ending another, and beginning yet again. And just like that iconic song that played as the credits rolled in so many late-’90s teen movies once said, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Yes, there is always something new to embark upon, another goal to focus on, and the desire to take everything to the next level. However, sometimes we can get so completely caught up in “What’s next?” that we forget to honour where we’ve come from or even where we are in the moment. As you close one door, there is always another one imminently ready to open. But honestly, baby, what’s the rush? Life can pass by quickly if we are solely focused on the future, so let’s just be here now. The world is your oyster of opportunities, and you can make anything happen. But first, let’s celebrate all that you have accomplished before taking on what’s to come.

The World reversed meaning

Sometimes circumstances come to an abrupt end that is completely unexpected and totally beyond our control. This can dismantle your sense of grounded reality — like when an entire department at work gets eliminated due to budget cuts, leaving you unemployed, or when you get ghosted in a relationship you thought was going somewhere promising. In these situations, we need to acknowledge the sting of something coming to a close before we were prepared. Mourn the loss of what could have been and honour the shocking disappointment you are experiencing. As you pick yourself up, it’s important to create your own sense of closure in order to heal and move on to the next opportunity. Because that’s the thing — there is ALWAYS something else to get excited and hopeful for in the near future. Don’t lose sight of that!

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