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What book is Palm Royale based on? Apple

Palm Royale is the latest drama to hit Apple TV+, full of drama, intrigue and some truly iconic 60s costumes, we are so ready to binge watch all eight episodes. Set in 1969, the series tells the story of Maxine Simmons (Kristen Wiig), a wannabe socialite who stops at nothing to make it into the high powered circles of Palm Beach, Florida.

The series is executively produced by Laura Dern, and is actually based on a novel of a different name. So if you want more of an insight into the world of the Palm Royale then this is everything you need to know about the novel the series is based on.

What novel is Palm Royale based on?

Apple TV+ series Palm Royale is based on the novel Mr and Mrs American Pie by Juliet McDaniel.

The novel was released in 2018 and appears to follow quite a different plot line to that of Palm Royale.

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The official blurb for the novel is as follows, "The year is 1969. Dick Nixon was just sworn in as the thirty-seventh President of the United States. Neil Armstrong just took one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind. And notable Palm Springs socialite Maxine Simmons just found out that her husband is leaving her for his twenty-two-year-old secretary.

"After a public meltdown at Thanksgiving, Maxine finds herself not only divorced but exiled to Scottsdale, Arizona. However, these desert boondocks will not be her end—only her Elba. The former beauty queen sets her eyes on a new crown: that of the Mrs. American Pie pageant, awarded to the nation’s best wife and mother. Maxine only has one problem: to win the crown she’ll need to find—or build—a family of her own."

In contrast the Palm Royale series follows Maxine as she attempts to make her way into Palm Beach society, by joining the exclusive club the Palm Royale, and scheming to appear different to how she really is.

Mr and Mrs American Pie is McDaniel's first novel. McDaniel is a screenwriter and author, wrote the film Qwerty, she has also served as a producer on the adaptation of Palm Royale.

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