Everything that happened in Top Boy season 4

top boy season 4 recap
What happened in Top Boy season 4?Chris Harris/Netflix

It's time to head back to the Summerhouse Estate for the fifth and final season of Top Boy, which is dropping on 7th September. The hit Netflix series follows two powerful drug dealers, Sully and Dushane, who fight for money and power over their gritty streets of London.

There were betrayals, plot twists and even a few murders in the last season and with the final chapter arriving tomorrow (can't wait!), here is a recap of everything that happened in season four of Top Boy.

Dushane's drug line malfunctioned, and Jamie went to Morocco

After spending six months in prison for weapons possession after Dushane framed him in season three, Jamie finally decides to accept Dushane’s proposal to work for him, and he is freed after Dushane clears his name with video footage to show he was framed.

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Meanwhile, a prominent Spanish drug supplier, Emilio, decides to leave the criminal world just as Dushane and Lizzie are expecting a big drug shipment from Morocco that was about to reach London through Spain. But, a corrupt police officer named Juan El Bueno hears this news and when Lizzie comes to Spain to meet him along with Emilio’s brother-in-law, Antonio, Juan tricks them and shoots Antonio, seizing the drugs for himself.

Dushane asks Sully to go to Morocco to get the drugs and find a snitch in the supply chain, but Sully declines so Dushane sends Jamie instead. Jamie sorts the situation but then decides to meet Juan El Bueno to make a deal to take over the supply after dealing with Dushane.

Sully was kidnapped

Meanwhile, in London, Sully is kidnapped and beaten and when a video of him gets out, Dushane and Jaq rescue him. To return the favour, Sully goes to Spain to meet with Juan and kills him so the drugs are now able to move from Morocco to London, and Jamie's plan is foiled.

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Ats was murdered

Also, after Dushane blackmailed Ats to plant drugs in Jamie’s house, Ats is murdered, so Dushane and Jamie is looking for his killer, with the search leading them to Jamie's best friend, Kit. It turns out that Kit ordered Dexter to rough Ats up in order to scare him, but the encounter went too far and Dexter killed Ats.

Kit finally confesses to being involved in Ats' murder and when Jamie tells Dushane, he orders him to kill Kit. Jamie tries to go on the run instead of doing it, but his brothers refuse, meaning Jamie's only option is to go through with it and kill his friend Kit to ensure Dushane's trust.

Lauryn killed her abusive boyfriend, Curtis

Meanwhile, Jaq’s sister Lauryn is in Liverpool after snitching on Sully in the previous season. She is pregnant and is being abused by her boyfriend, Curtis, and his sister, Vee, so she escapes back to London. She reaches out to Jaq who hides her in her girlfriend’s house and informs Dushane about Lauryn’s return. Dushane tells Sully, who fortunately decides to help Lauryn deal with Curtis and his sister but, when Curtis threatens to hurt Jaq, Lauryn decided to take matters into her own hands and kills him.

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Also, Dushane's mother falls ills and eventually dies causing him to decide to take back the Summerhouse community rather than letting it be redeveloped.

Sully murdered Jamie

Everything seems to be at peace, until Sully betrays Dushane in a shocking twist. Their past arguments arise again, and Sully decides to shockingly kill Jamie to stop him taking over from himself or Dushane. The finale scene sees Jamie at home with his brothers, Aaron and Stefan, when Sully arrives, shoots Jaime then leaves while Stefan and Aaron are left with Jamie's body. We still can't get over this one.

So many questions for season five!

Top Boy season four is streaming on Netflix now.

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