Everyone Is Thirsting Over "Dollarita Steve" After He Went Viral For This Post-Earthquake Interview

There was an earthquake in San Francisco on Friday.

Twitter: @USGS_ShakeAlert

The magnitude 3.9 earthquake didn't cause any immediate damage, so it was kind of a non-news event, except for the fact that KTVU News interviewed a man who was slammin' dollaritas at an Applebee's and now is going viral for it.

San Francisco skyline
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It's this man, Steve Mazzari:

KTVU/ Twitter: @KTVU

Steve told KTVU he was "slammin' dollaritas" at Applebee's when the earthquake hit. "It was a big shake. It was probably a couple of seconds, but everyone stopped talking. It was heavy, it was a big one," he said.

Closeup of Steve Mazzari

That's all it took for Dollarita Steve to go viral.

KTVU/Twitter: @live105fm

Horny people all over the internet came together to celebrate this dollarita-loving man.

KTVU/ Twitter: @sp00kyvic

From "I'm just a Dollarita, sir"...

KTVU/Twitter: @DerAnwalt83 "The nose, mustache, and hand size tell me everything I need to know."

KTVU/Twitter: @sineaddowning

Mr. Mazzari has captured everyone's dollarita-lovin' hearts <3

Twitter: @LeKateDangereux

Anyway, I just love when a random person goes viral for basically doing nothing.

KTVU/Twitter: @givemechelsey

I think this person sums it up best:

KTVU/ Twitter: @gikneesbees