Everton weirdly used a photo of Anne Frank in a COVID-19 tribute video

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Everton seems to have made a rather large error in a tribute video it released on Saturday to local victims of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a long video tribute posted on social media, the English Premier League club strangely included a photo of Anne Frank.

Everton used a photo that pops up as the main one on Frank’s Wikipedia page, and one of the first photos that appears on her official website.

Why Frank — one of the most prominent victims of the Holocaust, who died in 1945 during World War II — was included in the tribute isn’t clear. The club eventually deleted the video and sent out a revised version, but has not commented on it.

For a number of reasons — most notably that Frank spent several years hiding from German persecution and had nothing to do whatsoever with the coronavirus pandemic — there's no logical excuse for Frank's face to be included in such a tribute video. 

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