'Erratic', 'no consistency & 'missed opportunity'

Your Views
Your Views

We asked for your thoughts after Scotland's 17-13 defeat to Ireland in their final Six Nations game.

Here's a taste of what you had to say:

Peter: We should have been four wins out of five in this competition - the players still need to learn how to be consistent and win. Andy Christie is find of of the season he has been immense, particularly against Ireland. I am still optimistic about this Scottish team I think they have a lot to give.

Jeb: Again and again the same issues of decision-making under pressure - gave them the first try. What a completely erratic Six Nations. No consistency and this team don’t have many more years in them to win something.

Al: [Gregor] Townsend out now. He's run his course and can't get much more out of the players. Far too many unforced errors again which is down to his poor coaching.

David: Scotland and this group of players showed against Ireland they can compete with the best in the world. The players and coaches need to work out why we cannot perform like this, week on week.

Ginger: I thought this campaign was a missed opportunity. So many things that were in control we didn't execute.

Seumas: Scotland played with an intensity in defence that was missing in the other games. If we want to improve we must turn up all the time. The feeling is one of disappointment.

Euan: Feels like a 'missed opportunity' yet again, with the Jekyll and Hyde performances continuing. I believe there’s a very good team in there somewhere, but discipline at crucial moments is letting us down

George: A coach being proud of a loss is half the problem here. The other half is the SRU letting the game die in Scotland. New coach and new direction needed to grow the game so we can compete and not let the game die.

John: Can't see any sign of progress. Massive missed opportunity against a below par Ireland. Time for a new coach.

David: Defended really well in the first half but the usual handling errors cost them any kind of momentum going forward. Not really sure where they go from here. Another disappointing campaign all in and think it was probably their last chance with this group of players.

Jim: On balance, this championship will be seen as a failure. Despite winning in Cardiff, three losses and the way that Scotland have fallen out of games is a real concern. Gregor Townsend should get another season to fix these issues. It’s a shame Scotland won’t get more games against quality opposition before next year’s tournament to test themselves.