English MPs denied chance to watch World Cup game by cheeky Scottish ploy

A cheeky group of Scottish MPs have ruined what could have been an incredible night for their English colleagues, with a stunning parliamentary tactic.

The politicians from the Scottish National Party made the crafty decision to force a series of votes in UK parliament at 7pm, right as England’s round of 16 clash kicked off with Colombia.

The Mirror reported that the Scottish MPs forced the votes at the most inconvenient time for their rivals, on anit-austerity measures in defence of Scotland.

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Ian Blackford (right) defended the right of his party to force parliamentary business during the World Cup. Pic: BBC

All up, the SNP forced five formal votes, which each took 10-15 minutes to complete, or “the entire of the first half” of the World Cup encounter.

SNP member Ian Blackford defended the right of his party to call the votes at the most inconvenient time, despite the anger of his opposition.

One British MP, Bernard Jenkin, was clearly frustrated by the tactic, raising a point of order in parliament.

“Do you suppose that the Scottish National Party would be calling so many divisions this evening if it was Scotland playing an important football match this evening?” Jenkin said.

After the voting, another Tory MP, Douglas Ross, called the antics of the SNP “pathetic theatrics”.

One senior SNP source reportedly told The National that his party had “a couple of votable motions up for consideration”, and importably added “at about 7pm”.

Unsurprisingly there was plenty of backlash against the SNP, however most found their tactic fairly humorous.