England's cheeky attempt to score while Croatia celebrated

New footage has emerged of a cheeky attempt by England stars Marcus Rashford and Jesse Lingard to burn the celebrating Croatians during Thursday’s World Cup defeat.

Mario Mandzukic scored with 11 minutes remaining in extra time to all but seal Croatia’s spot in the final against France.

And while their celebrations have already gone viral after crushing a photographer who kept taking brilliant photos, now it’s England’s turn.

Rashford, standing in disappointment, spotted that Croatia were taking a long time getting back – so he teed up Lingard with a restart.

The pair quickly sprinted towards goal, where goalkeeper Danijel Subasic would have been wondering what exactly they were trying to achieve.

Cheeky! Pic: Twitter

The Englishmen pulled up as they reached the box, with Lingard gesturing as if the referee had called them back.

Where did this idea come from?

Well, it all stems from the World Cup group stage and a viral tweet that turned out to be a hoax.

When Portugal scored against Spain in their 3-3 thriller, Jose Fonte stood alone on the pitch while his teammates celebrated closer to the advertising hoardings.

A banter page claimed he did so in order to stop Spain from being able to restart play – and the tweet went around the world.

Tunisia tried the same tactic after Harry Kane’s winner for England three days later.

But in reality, there is nothing in the rulebook to suggest it is possible – and no FIFA referee would ever allow a team to restart play while a team was off celebrating.

So to you, Rashford, Lingard and England, we say better luck in Qatar 2022.