England fan instantly regrets jumping onto bus stop roof during celebrations

One over-excited English football fan has spectacularly jumped off of a double decker bus and crashed through a bus stop roof in a bizarre show of support.

The frenzied Three Lions fan was one of many celebrating the quarter-final success of England against Sweden when the celebrations turned ugly.

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English football fans run amok in the streets. Pic: Getty

Fans had descended at Clapham Junction and were clapping and cheering when the man decided to climb on top of the bus.

He then shocked supporters when he ended up jumping onto the bus stop, shattering the glass roof and knocking over a bystander.

There is no doubt English football fans are celebrating their nation’s World Cup success hard, but not everyone is impressed by the antics of a select few.

Across the country supporters were running amok, with some caught vandalising ambulances whilst others were getting carried away in the streets.

England will come up against Croatia in the World Cup semi-final match on Thursday morning AEST.