EmRata has her engagement ring redesigned into two divorce rings

emily ratajkowksi engagement ring turned into divorce rings
EmRata redesigns engagement ring into divorce ring@emrata - Instagram

It's a sad truth Hollywood relationships don't always have fairy tale endings, just like in IRL. But, that doesn't diminish how stunning some of our favourite celebrity engagement rings are. Including Emily Ratajkowski's dazzling Toi et Moi design from Sebastian Bear-McClard.

After splitting from her husband of four years in 2022 though, the ring was obvs no longer a regular accessory in Emily's jewellery rotation. We'd assumed she'd given the ring back – usual protocol in these situations if you're not the one who paid for it – but we're happy to report EmRata did quite the opposite.

Taking to Instagram, the model and podcast host debuted her divorce rings with a series of three topless photos taken in bed alongside a short video clip. The mega diamond stones that were previously nestled together on one band were instantly recognisable, albeit now set individually on two gold bands worn on her fourth and fifth fingers.

A little recap on the OG engagement ring. The now ex-husband of EmRata actually first proposed with a ring he fashioned from a paperclip on their bill while out to dinner back in February 2018. They tied the knot at New York's City Hall that same month, but it wasn't until July that Emily debuted her ring on Instagram.

She reportedly designed the ring herself, a process that involved 50 sketches, before recruiting her friend and jewellery designer Alison Chelma of Alison Lou to make the custom ring a reality. The result? A 5-carat double diamond design featuring an angled pear-shaped stone next to a princess-cut stone. A unique and different engagement ring style, but one that has since been much-copied.

And it was Alison Lou who Emily turned to again to redesign her engagement ring into two divorce rings, the separation of the stones perfectly symbolising the separation of her marriage. The new rings feature the same pear-shaped diamond, now mounted on a yellow-gold band as a signet ring, while the princess-cut diamond is flanked on either side by two trapezoid stones.

Speaking exclusively to Vogue, Emily said of her new bling, “The rings represent my own personal evolution. I don’t think a woman should be stripped of her diamonds just because she’s losing a man.”

“It was a fun project to work on together amidst a hugely transitional period in my life,” she continues. “The ring became symbolic to me – some kind of token or evidence of my life becoming my own again.”

“It’s been a crazy couple of years, and finally I feel a sense of peace within myself and about the life and future I have and will continue to build with my son,” she says. “Somehow, these rings feel like a reminder that I can make myself happy in ways I never imagined.”

As one of Emily's followers said in a comment on her IG post, "This is just … ICONIC 🔥". We couldn't agree more.

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