Emmerdale's Lydia Dingle confronts Craig Reed in new scenes

The following article contains discussion of sexual assault and loss of a child.

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Tragedy continues to plague Emmerdale's Lydia Dingle – but she's beginning to fight back, as she confronts Craig Reed in new scenes.

Though Monday's (September 11) episode saw Craig continue to claim he'd done nothing wrong, even referring to Lydia's rape as "one silly mistake", Lydia's life is irreversibly changed.

In upcoming scenes, husband Sam makes a final effort to reconcile with Lydia before leaving for Ireland but she finds herself unable to accept his pleas as she continues to push him away during her turmoil.

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Craig continues to drive a wedge between Lydia and Sam by using Samson to find out more information about their relationship, but when Lydia catches the two of them in The Woolpack, she's furious.

The confrontation leaves Craig feeling uneasy about what Lydia might do next.

Meanwhile, Mandy is becoming more concerned over Lydia's withdrawn behaviour and her agitation over Samson spending time with Craig.

Later, whilst cleaning at the office, Lydia is terrified when Craig turns up. He continues to insist that he didn't do anything wrong, but this just causes Lydia to finally snap and tell him he's a rapist.

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On previous episodes of Emmerdale, Lydia had opted not to share that Craig sexually assaulted her after they'd bonded over the loss of their son, choosing to burn the clothes she was wearing that night rather than turn them over to police.

But as Lydia's out-of-character behaviour begins to draw more attention, will the truth finally be revealed?

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