Emmerdale's Charity furious over Mack rejection

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Charity Dingle has been rejected by Mackenzie Boy in dramatic Emmerdale scenes.

The couple slept together earlier this week and even spoke of getting back together, despite the fact Mack has been trying to build a life with baby Reuben's mother, Chloe.

Mack turned to his sister Moira Dingle in Thursday's (August 24) episode for some advice about what to do about his love triangle. As he admitted to sleeping with Charity behind Chloe's back, Moira warned her sibling that he risks losing a relationship with his son if he's still hung up on Charity.

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Meanwhile, Charity felt she had to open up to someone, so she also confided in Chas Dingle about the one-night stand with Mackenzie.

The whole situation looked ready to explode as Chloe gathered with the Dingles and other Emmerdale residents at the Woolpack for Reuben's Christening.

Charity kept trying to secretly pull Mack away so they could discuss their future, only to be repeatedly interrupted.

When Mack got a moment alone with Moira, he confided in his sister that he'd chosen Chloe and would let Charity down gently after the party. Yet, Charity didn't need to be told the truth because she could see the love between Mack and Chloe while they gave their toasts at the Christening party.

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"We couldn't be prouder parents," Chloe beamed.

Mack then told Chloe: "I want to thank you for being such a special person, for putting up with me and being my rock. You and Reuben mean everything to me. I'm the luckiest man in the world."

Charity couldn't contain her anger, so she slipped away to the backroom of the pub, where she was followed by an empathetic Moira. Charity was furious to find out Moira knew about her fling with Mack, though Moira insisted she'd told her brother he was "in the wrong" for how he'd treated both women.

"He can't treat me like this and he should know that by now," Charity declared, before threatening: "Maybe Chloe's got a right to know exactly what her precious boyfriend gets up to when she's not around?"

Will Charity tell Chloe about her fling with Mack?

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