Emmerdale teases split after Craig death investigation

The following article contains discussion of sexual assault and rape.

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has teased a shocking split for Lydia and Sam Dingle following Craig Reed's death investigation.

Last week's episodes finished off with Sam Dingle being arrested on suspicion of murdering Craig, after confessing to DS Wise and his partner that he'd attacked the rapist before his death.

Viewers now know Sam wasn't actually responsible for Craig's death, as he was kicked in the head by Kim Tate's horse sometime after the beating.

In Monday's episode (November 6), Lydia disappeared from Wishing Well Cottage once she found out her husband could be going down for murder.

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While the family tried to figure out where Lydia had gone, Sam faced some tough questioning before the truth was actually revealed about how Craig died.

Sam surprised Cain and Mandy by revealing he'd been released from custody because the police's investigation has shown Craig likely died from being kicked by a horse.

Lydia finally returned to find Sam and Mandy panicked over where she'd disappeared to. Once Mandy decided to give the couple some time to talk alone, Sam explained why he'd been let go.

"Copper said a horse kicked Craig in the head. That's how he died," Sam reported.

Sam was trying to convince Lydia the death wasn't his fault, yet she reminded her husband he'd still attacked Craig shortly before his demise.

sam dingle, lydia dingle, emmerdale

"I have been through one of the worst things a woman can go through," she explained to Sam. "When I wake up every morning, it's there in the back of my head.

"I just want to make it go away, but you, you had to dive in."

After Sam insisted he'd just been trying to help, Lydia shot back that he'd not helped at all by simply trying to get revenge.

"I can't be with you, Sam, not like this," Lydia told him. "I need to pack. I need to get away from this, and I need some space."

Sam was left stunned over the possibility of his marriage being over, as the episode closed.

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