Emmerdale star Karen Blick reveals aftermath of Lydia's devastating story

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale star Karen Blick, who plays Lydia Dingle on the soap, has revealed the aftermath of Lydia's devastating story.

In upcoming scenes, Lydia will be raped by her childhood friend Craig as part of a new issue-based storyline which soap bosses have been working on with Rape Crisis England and Wales.

Speaking to Digital Spy and other media about Lydia's decision to keep the rape a secret from her loved ones and the police, Karen said: "I felt a real empathy, sympathy and understanding for her behaviour. Because she feels guilty. She feels ashamed. She feels that it's somehow her fault, that she has put herself in that situation – which is completely incorrect.

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Citing Lydia's reasons for keeping the assault a secret, Karen said Lydia is worried about being believed and about what the truth will do to her on-screen husband Sam Dingle.

"She's fearful about being believed. She does not want to upset her family. That's a big thing," Karen said.

The devastating storyline will have "lasting repercussions", Karen said, and keeping the rape a secret from her family will take its toll on Lydia who will question her decision a few weeks later.

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When asked who she hopes Lydia will confide in, Karen said it's likely to be her friend and colleague Kim Tate, who suspects something is wrong when Lydia returns to work the day after the rape.

"I think Kim would offer her the distance, perhaps, from her family, because she's really close to Mandy, but if she confides in Mandy, will Mandy tell Sam? And ultimately, Lydia is thinking about others. She's thinking about Sam. She does not want Sam hurt, distressed or upset. And knowing the Dingles as she does, what will happen if Cain finds out? Will people harm Craig? Will the Dingles seek revenge in some way, if they can't get traditional justice?"

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