Emmerdale star Joe-Warren Plant reveals death fears for Jacob Gallagher

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale star Joe-Warren Plant has spoken of fears regarding Jacob Gallagher’s health.

Next week, Jacob will be left scrambling for his life after suffering an allergic reaction at The Hide, with Victoria mistakenly informing him that the meal was nut-free.

Victoria will subsequently lose her job due to negligence as Jacob recovers in hospital, but Plant revealed that the incident could have been so much worse for his character.

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“Jacob is very panicked – it happened to him before when he was a lot younger,” said Plant. “He's scared. This is the worst he's ever been when having an allergic reaction. It's a very severe one and his airways are closing rapidly.

“He's willing to accept that he could possibly die so it's a very scary moment for Jacob. Leyla is trying to save him but he's fading very quickly. It gets to a point where he has no idea what's going on and he's not very conscious – it's a scary moment,” he added.

Whilst Victoria is left reeling from the loss of her job, Plant revealed that Jacob will not bear any grudges against her for the mistake, with the incident being forgiven quickly despite its potential severity.

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“Jacob is always forgiving of people, especially his close friends,” said Plant. “He'll understand that it was an accident as he's not a menacing person – he won't hold it against anyone. He tries to keep the air clean around everyone, so I don't see him holding onto it.”

It’s not the only development for Jacob, with Plant also confirming that love could be in the air soon after the character begins to pursue a relationship.

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