Emmerdale star Joe-Warren Plant confirms new romance for Jacob Gallagher

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale actor Joe-Warren Plant has confirmed a new romance storyline for Jacob Gallagher.

The actor opened up about upcoming plans for his character, revealing that "he's going to get out and explore some relationships".

"I think there's possibly going to be a romance on the cards," he said. "It's been a while since he's had a girlfriend so it's due.

jacob gallagher in emmerdale

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"He'll be sticking with his university work and wants to become that doctor, so he's focusing on that. He's just trying to enjoy life, he's been cooped up for too long playing video games so he's going to get out and explore some relationships."

Joe admitted that "Jacob is a romantic" at heart, explaining: "When he does have a girlfriend, he makes things nice and he tries his best.

"I think he enjoys having that female energy and it's been a little while now, but he's got to a point where he's ready to take that next step and be with someone."

jacob gallagher, emmerdale

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The actor also reflected on Jacob's growing maturity, suggesting that he has become more grown up and responsible recently.

"Being at university and studying all the time, it forces you to become more mature and prioritise things in life – whether it's career or making sure you're working hard," he said.

"Jacob has always been a smart lad but he's had things throw him off course with the deaths of Leanna and Liv. He had a tough time but he's now on the incline, focusing on his career and Liam is helping him there."

"Jacob has not had a great track record, so he's put relationships on the backburner to focus on his career," Joe added.

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