Emmerdale confirms who really killed Craig

This story discusses topics including rape and sexual assault.

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale brought back a character from the past as Craig Reed's killer was finally unmasked.

Thursday's (November 2) double bill featured a surprise reappearance from DS Jason Wise, the detective who investigated sexual abuse perpetrated by Aaron Dingle's father Gordon Livesy.

DS Wise was back on the scene to figure out who actually killed Craig, since so many in the village have a motive to want him dead.

emmerdale ds jason swain

He questioned Kim and Will at Home Farm about whether Sam had been acting suspicious, yet Kim was seemingly more concerned about the detective finding her missing horse.

Elsewhere in the episode, Sam confessed to his family at the Dingle lock-in that he and Cain had followed Craig once they'd freed him from the barn.

Sam admitted that he'd attacked Craig and now assumes the rapist must have died sometime later from his injuries. While Sam was ready to hand himself over to police, the Dingles rallied around and agreed to give him an alibi.

emmerdale sam and cain

However, the Dingles had no idea that Sam wasn't actually Craig's killer. More flashbacks revealed that Kim came across Craig after the beating, as she was riding her prized horse.

Craig begged for Kim's help getting to a hospital, but she made it clear she planned to leave him on his own in the wilderness.

"If you think I'm your knight in shining armour come to rescue you, you're sadly mistaken," Kim warned.

emmerdale kim tate

Craig tried to pull Kim down off her horse, only for the animal to kick him in the face with both front hooves. Once Kim realised Craig was near death, she covered her tracks by letting the horse run free.

Kim did have second thoughts and went to call the police, before Cain approached to beg her not to get the police involved.

"The last thing we need right now is the police up here," Cain insisted.

Will their secret be exposed?

emmerdale craig

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