Emma Stone appears annoyed by Jimmy Kimmel's Oscars joke about “Poor Things”

Emma Stone appears annoyed by Jimmy Kimmel's Oscars joke about “Poor Things”

The actress didn't seem amused by the host's comment that most of her Academy Award-nominated movie was NSFW.

Emma Stone didn't appear to be amused by one of Jimmy Kimmel's jokes during the Oscars on Sunday, as he poked fun at her nominated film Poor Things.

Hosting the ceremony for the fourth time, Kimmel made the quip after a few clips from the sexually explicit comedy-drama were played. "Those were all the parts of Poor Things we're allowed to show on TV," he said.

The broadcast then cut to Stone sitting in the audience, where she seemed annoyed by the joke. She mouthed something that some observers on social media guessed to be the word "prick," although it wasn't quite clear what she said, or whether she was actually miffed. The notoriously sarcastic Stone could have been playing along and making a joke of her own.

<p>Gilbert Flores/Getty</p> Emma Stone at the 96th Oscars

Gilbert Flores/Getty

Emma Stone at the 96th Oscars

Representatives for Stone didn't immediately respond to EW's request for comment.

Stone went on to have the last laugh as she suffered a minor wardrobe malfunction while accepting the award for Best Actress later in the night. She won for her role as Bella Baxter in Yorgos Lanthimos' feminist coming-of-age filmand as she stepped on to the stage, she revealed that the zipper on the back of her dress had split.

"My dress is broken!" Stone said before joking that she probably ripped it while singing along to her La La Land costar Ryan Gosling's musical performance earlier in the show: "I think it happened during 'I'm Just Ken,' I’m pretty sure."

As she finished her speech, she turned to walk off the stage and said, "Don't look at the back of my dress!"

Watch Stone's reaction above, and see the full list of 2024 Oscar winners here.

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