Emma Raducanu vs Renata Zarazua LIVE! Wimbledon 2024 latest result and reaction after Centre Court win

Emma Raducanu vs Renata Zarazua LIVE! Wimbledon 2024 latest result and reaction after Centre Court win

Emma Raducanu vs Renata Zarazua - LIVE!

At times, it wasn’t pretty but Emma Raducanu booked her place in the second round of Wimbledon on Monday two years after her last match at the All England Club. Raducanu had labelled herself a massive underdog when drawn against No22 see Ekaterina Alexandrova, 113 places higher than her in the world order.

But the Briton’s pre-match status changed on Monday morning when Alexandrova withdrew with illness and was replaced by the far less heralded Renata Zarazua.

The Mexican’s mercurial style rattled Raducanu for much of a tight two sets, knocking her off her rhythm and paving the way for a flurry of unforced errors. But in a see-saw contest, Raducanu was the deserving winner 7-6, 6-3. She likened it to England’s scrappy last-16 win at the Euros against Slovakia the previous night, calling it “winning ugly”.

Raducanu vs Zarazua latest updates

  • Straight sets win: Raducanu eases into second round

  • Raducanu takes opening set after tie-break

  • Carlos Alcaraz seals victory on Centre Court

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19:16 , Matt Verri

At times, it wasn’t pretty but Emma Raducanu booked her place in the second round of Wimbledon two years after her last match at the All England Club.

Raducanu had labelled herself a massive underdog when drawn against No22 see Ekaterina Alexandrova, 113 places higher than her in the world order.

But the Briton’s pre-match status changed on Monday morning when Alexandrova withdrew with illness and was replaced by the far less heralded Renata Zarazua.

The Mexican’s mercurial style rattled Raducanu for much of a tight two sets, knocking her off her rhythm and paving the way for a flurry of unforced errors. But in a see-saw contest, Raducanu was the deserving winner 7-6, 6-3.

She likened it to England’s scrappy last-16 win at the Euros against Slovakia last night, calling it “winning ugly”.

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 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Raducanu lifts British spirits!

18:59 , Matt Verri

Heather Watson, Charles Broom, Liam Broady and Arthur Fery were all beaten earlier today.

Raducany and Yuriko Miyazaki have got the Brits off the mark though, ensuring the home fans have had something to cheer.

Plenty to look out for tomorrow - Andy Murray, Katie Boulter and Jack Draper among those in action.

More reaction from Raducanu

18:47 , Matt Verri

“It was an incredibly difficult match. I’ve barely played a defender who’s landed the ball on the baseline and it took a lot of strength to get the ball back.

“It’s not easy for her - you’re not playing in the morning and suddenly you’re on Centre Court.

“Thanks to everyone for getting me over the line.”

Raducanu taking inspiration

18:39 , Matt Verri

It definitely wasn’t as bad as England, don’t worry...

That winning moment...

18:33 , Matt Verri

A first Wimbledon win for two years.

Emma Raducanu back on Centre Court and back in style.

Not her best performance, but good enough. Elise Mertens next up.

Game, set and match!

18:24 , Matt Verri

Zarazua 6-7 3-6 Raducanu

Two points down, two to go. Zarazua slice finds the net, Raducanu is nearly there at 30-0.

Three match points! Potentially the best point of the match, as Raducanu charges after the drop shot and finds a perfect angle to flick it past Zarazua.

One will do! Zarazua can’t keep the slice in play, and Raducanu is through!

Zarazua 6-7 3-5* Raducanu

18:21 , Matt Verri

Raducanu will have to do it on her own serve.

Return is long and Zarazua has just about managed to keep herself in this match, for now...

Zarazua 6-7 *2-5 Raducanu

18:19 , Matt Verri

Looks to be long from Zarazua, but there’s no call and Raducanu plays out. Will wish she hadn’t bothered now, as she’s unable to run down the drop shot.

Back to deuce, though. Zarazua error, she’s struggling to get out of this game.

That helps. Raducanu sets up the point perfectly, looks to be in completely control, but slaps the forehand into the net.

Zarazua returns the favour - back to deuce!

Zarazua 6-7 *2-5 Raducanu

18:16 , Matt Verri

Zarazua serving to stay in the match and it’s a good start, as Raducanu gives up on the drop shot early.

Great defence this time from the Brit, digging out the deep slice and the flat forehand is then too good for Zarazua. 30-30... Raducanu two points away.

Even bigger hitting - match point! Huge roar from Centre Court, nothing wrong with the forehand there.

Can’t take it, pushed back and Raducanu nets the forehand. Deuce.

Zarazua 6-7 *2-5 Raducanu

18:10 , Matt Verri

Raducanu throws her head back in frustration. Had done the hard work, got up to the net but then sends the volley into the net.

Fist pump next point as she forces the error, clean hitting from the backhand side. 30-30.

Slightly nervy, until Zarazua shanks a return and Raducanu then brings up the hold. She is closing in on victory.

Zarazua 6-7 *2-4 Raducanu

18:06 , Matt Verri

Raducanu moves well to the net, but not enough on the forehand and Zarazua can make the pass. Mexican has been pretty effective when mixing things up and stopping Raducanu get any rhythm.

Double fault ruins that good work, and Zarazua is then very grateful to see a net cord drop her way. 30-30.

Raducanu does have a break point here though, this would be a massive step towards victory.

Taken! Forehand is long from Zarazua, and Raducanu is two games away from the second round.

Zarazua 6-7 *2-3 Raducanu

18:00 , Matt Verri

Biiiig double fault from Raducanu. Enough for Centre Court to try and get behind her, bit of pressure at 15-30.

Serve quickly under control again, first serve catches the line and Zarazua can’t get it back in play. It’s an important point at 30-30, one that Raducanu wins as Zarazua takes over the unforced error duties.

First serve from Raducanu called out, she looks up at her box, back at the line, back at her box... then challenges. And it was in.

She’ll have to wait even longer to his this first serve, as a phone rings and then a bird flies in and lands on the net. Worth the wait - ace. Hold.

Zarazua 6-7 2-2* Raducanu

17:55 , Matt Verri

Familiar pattern on Centre Court. Big roar greets a lovely winner from Raducanu, before the next minute is spent groaning at a couple of loose shots out of nowhere.

Second serve from Zarazua doesn’t have much on it, but Raducanu is off balance and can’t get the return in play.

Routine hold for the Mexican to level up the set again.

Zarazua 6-7 *1-2 Raducanu

17:51 , Matt Verri

Zarazua went to the drop shot a fair bit early in the match, and here it is again after a fairly lengthy spell without using it. Raducanu unable to do anything with it at the net, 0-30.

Timely backhand winner down the line from Raducanu, but it’s two break points now. She put everything into that forehand, but it clips the top of the net and drops back on her side of the court. 15-40.

One saved, as the lob from Zarazua floats out. And the second is saved too, Zarazua with an unforced error. Deuce.

Confident forehand at the net, and a really nice slice deep into the court... job done. Raducanu holds.

Zarazua 6-7 1-1* Raducanu

17:45 , Matt Verri

Challenge from Raducanu as she frames the second-serve return. Way it bounced up on her would suggest it caught the line, and it did. Zarazua follows that up with a double fault. 15-15.

Inconsistent from both, but Zarazua tidies it up with a string of solid backhands and that’s good enough for the hold. On the board in the second set.

Zarazua 6-7 *0-1 Raducanu

17:41 , Matt Verri

Similar hit-and-miss story from Raducanu at the start of this set. That tie-break aside, she’s struggling to put more than a couple of good points together.

Better point at 30-30, as she moves to the net and Zarazua’s slice doesn’t clear it, and it’s a comfortable enough hold as the forehand does deliver this time.

17:38 , Matt Verri

Right then, Zarazua back on court and ready for the second set.

Raducanu to serve first.

Zarazua 6-7 Raducanu

17:32 , Matt Verri

That’s how you play a tie-break.

Zarazua with the wayward return and Raducanu has marched to a one-set lead.

Zarazua 6-6 Raducanu

17:31 , Matt Verri

Scream from Raducanu as she gets the early mini-break. Does feel like she can take control of this match if she just tides it up slightly.

That’s 2-0, as Zarazua can’t get the first serve back in play. Centre Court crowd fully engaged now.

Make that 3-0, serve has delivered for Raducanu at the right time. Big roar to her box every time she wins a point.

Raducanu on the charge! Big forehand down the line, Zarazua has no answer 4-0.

Zarazua doing a good impression of someone starting to think about the second set, as she sends a forehand long. 5-0 and this has got away from her. Fast.

It’s 6-0 at the changeover.

Zarazua 6-6 Raducanu

17:27 , Matt Verri

Backhand slapped low into the net from Raducanu, but more than makes up for it next point as the winner clips the line. 30-15 - it has been pretty volatile from Raducanu.

Speaking of... that forehand barely makes the net. Completely off balance.

No problems this time, winning that baseline exchange as Zarazua blinks first.

Tie-break time.

Zarazua 6-5* Raducanu

17:21 , Matt Verri

Good challenge from Zarazua, as replays show her first serve just about clipped the line. Wins the point as it is replayed.

She then brings Raducanu forward with a drop shot, before sending a really nice lob sailing over the Brit and inside the baseline. 30-15.

Couple more loose forehands from Raducanu and that’s the game. Zarazua guaranteed at least a tie-break.

Zarazua *5-5 Raducanu


Don’t need me to tell you this is a huge game. Raducanu serving to stay in the first set.

It’s getting very gloomy over Centre Court too, a few dark clouds. Just about staying dry for now.

Timely first serve from Raducanu, as she tries to get herself going again. ‘Come on’ is again the cry, as she watches Zarazua’s forehand land long. 40-15.

Mexican extends the game with a nice winner, but she can’t make the backhand down the line. Raducanu with a crucial hold.

Zarazua 5-4* Raducanu

17:11 , Matt Verri

Raducanu in control of the point, steps forward but it’s a loose backhand this time. 30-0, Centre Court try and rally the home favourite.

More like it. Second serve sits up to be hit and Raducanu does just that, clean forehand winner. Backs it up with another gift for Zarazua, though, as the ball sails long. 40-15.

Raducanu then unable to retrieve the drop shot, Zarazua holds and is a game away from the first set.

Been a tough ten minutes or so for the Brit.

Zarazua *4-4 Raducanu

17:08 , Matt Verri

And this one isn’t looking much better.

Two wild forehands to kick things off, Raducanu immediately under pressure at 0-30.

No problems with the backhand, though. Winner launched down the line, Zarazua doesn’t bother moving.

But it’s two break points, as Raducanu comfortably gets to the drop shot and then can’t clear the net.

One saved as Zarazua generously produces an unforced error, but the second is taken. You will not be stunned to hear the Raducanu forehand let her down.

Back on serve.

Zarazua 3-4* Raducanu

17:03 , Matt Verri

Loose game from Raducanu, radar has briefly deserted her.

40-0 in no time at all, and it’s a hold to love as Raducanu can only play a forward defensive to a first serve out wide. Would have been a nice shot at Lord’s.

Zarazua *2-4 Raducanu

17:01 , Matt Verri

Loopy drop shot from Zarazua, Raducanu dinks it back over the net but she can’t then make a backhand pass on the swivel as she chases after the lob.

Confident put-away at the net from Raducanu gets here back to 30-30, before a brilliant backhand crosscourt takes her to within a point of consolidating that break.

Which she does. Zarazua with the unforced error and Raducanu is looking good on Centre Court.

Zarazua 2-3* Raducanu

16:54 , Matt Verri

Raducanu dominates the point, forcing Zarazua back almost into the royal box, but the smash at the net is a wild one. 15-15.

More like it, forehand crosscourt from Raducanu and Zarazua nets the volley. 15-40... two break points for Raducanu.

One will do! Weak backhand from Zarazua, halfway up the net and Raducanu has control of the opening set.

Zarazua *2-2 Raducanu

16:50 , Matt Verri

Another shout to her box from Raducanu, as she strolls up to the net and puts away the backhand.

Important hold, as Zarazua can’t make the forehand down the line. Raducanu survives that early scare.

Zarazua 2-1* Raducanu

16:49 , Matt Verri

Raducanu trying to be aggressive at every opportunity, stepping up the court and dictating... but that forehand flies long.

Big point at 30-30, even bigger ‘come on’ shout from Raducanu as the first serve does the job. Again the forehand misfires though next point - deuce.

And now a first break point of the match. Raducanu up to the net, but the passing shot crosscourt from Zarazua is too good.

Flat backhand winner from Raducanu, but Zarazua challenges... caught the line! Back to deuce.

Zarazua 2-1* Raducanu

16:42 , Matt Verri

Forehand from Zarazua just about catches the line, and an off-balance Raducanu can only float one of her long.

But that’s good from Raducanu, comfortably gets to yet another drop shot and the reply is too good. 15-30 and a slight opening.

Maybe not. Zarazua’s backhand suddenly takes charge, flat winner and then a couple more to win the next point. 40-30.

That’s a hold for the Mexican, as Raducanu’s flicked forehand loops long.

Zarazua *1-1 Raducanu

16:37 , Matt Verri

Zarazua has enough of a long baseline exchange and again turns to the drop shot. Raducanu gets there, but can’t quite flick it over the net. 15-15.

It’s an even better rally next point, one Raducanu looks to have won three or four times... until Zarazua’s lob drops just inside the baseline.

Couple of forehands into the net from the Mexican eases the pressure on Raducanu’s serve, before a tame Zarazua drop shot gets the Brit on the board.

Zarazua 1-0* Raducanu

16:31 , Matt Verri

Big hitting from Raducanu early on, she tries to mix it up with a drop shot but it’s not a great one and Zarazua is easily there in time.

Early chance at 30-30, but the Brit slaps a second-serve return into the net. Zarazua then brings up an opening hold with a lovely drop shot, judged it perfectly.

We're underway!

16:28 , Matt Verri

Zarazua to serve first - Raducanu greets that with a superb winner first up.

Decent start.

Here we go!

16:21 , Matt Verri

Raducanu and Zarazua are out on Centre Court, which is about half full as fans stretch their legs after the opening match.

Cloudy day at Wimbledon, but no need for the roof. That has almost certainly jinxed it.

Post-match thoughts from Carlos Alcaraz

16:12 , Matt Verri

The defending champion was tested in the first couple of sets, but it turned into a successful afternoon and he is up and running at Wimbledon.

He will face Aleksandar Vukic or Sebastian Ofner next.

It's Raducanu time!

16:01 , Matt Verri

Carlos Alcaraz has wrapped up victory on Centre Court, beating the impressive Mark Lajal 7-6 7-5 6-2.

Attention now turns to Emma Raducanu, who faces Renata Zarazua next.

Full coverage of that coming up!

Murray and Evans confirmed for Olympics doubles

15:55 , Matt Verri

Andy Murray's place in the men's doubles event at the Paris Olympics alongside Dan Evans has been confirmed.

The Scot's singles spot for what is set to be the final tournament of his career was announced a couple of weeks ago, with Murray securing entry as a two-time former gold medallist and three-time grand slam champion.

But he and Evans were left waiting to see whether they would get into the doubles, which represents Murray's best chance of a medal.

It will be a fifth Games for the 37-year-old, who picked up gold medals in singles in 2012 and 2016 as well as a silver medal in mixed doubles with Laura Robson in London.

Men's doubles is the only event where a medal has so far eluded him, with Murray and Joe Salisbury desperately disappointed with a quarter-final exit in Tokyo three years ago.

Read more on that here!

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Get ready...

15:49 , Matt Verri

Raducanu and Zarazua might want to finish off those stretches.

Alcaraz is 5-1 up in the third set on Centre Court, just a game away now from sealing victory.

Looks like Raducanu will be making her way onto court very, very soon.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Raducanu: I'm confident in my fitness

15:38 , Matt Verri

Emma Raducanu insists she has “no doubts” over her fitness heading into the tournament.

Injuries have plagued the Briton since she burst onto the scene in 2021, but Raducanu is confident her body will hold up after strong performances in the build-up to Wimbledon.

“I would say that recently I haven't been injured,” Raducanu said.

“I feel very confident in my body. I was able to play three matches at a high level last week and come out physically unscathed.

“I think I'm in a really good place. Last year I did a good chunk of work at the end of the year to get back and healthy. I've continued that work on throughout this year.

“I feel good in my body. There's no doubts.”

 (Getty Images for LTA)
(Getty Images for LTA)

Alcaraz closing in on victory

15:23 , Matt Verri

Carlos Alcaraz has taken the second set on Centre Court.

He now leads Mark Lajal 7-6 7-5 in what has been a hugely entertaining match so far.

Defending champion will expect to wrap that up in straight sets now, which would leave Emma Raducanu potentially an hour or so from getting her match underway.

Broom falls to defeat against Wawrinka

15:16 , Matt Verri

Always going to be a tough test for Charles Broom against Stan Wawrinka and so it has proved.

The Briton led 5-2 in the second, but couldn’t close that out as Wawrinka won five games on the bounce to take a two-set lead.

The 39-year-old got the job done in straight sets, with Broom the second British player to fall at the first hurdle today.

Open section of the draw

15:04 , Matt Verri

Time to get ahead of ourselves.

With Alexandrova withdrawing, it has turned into a relatively kind draw on paper for Raducanu.

Should she win this afternoon, the 21-year-old will take on Elise Mertens or Nao Hibino next.

Victory in that and it will be a third-round clash against Maria Sakkari, who has not made it beyond the third round at a Grand Slam for more than two years, or Arantxa Rus.

As England seem only too happy to prove at Euro 2024, though, an easier draw is not guarantee of smooth progress into the latter stages.

Positive signs for Raducanu

14:54 , Matt Verri

It has been an encouraging grass-court season so far for Emma Raducanu.

She reached the semi-finals in Nottingham, where she was narrowly beaten by eventual winner Katie Boulter, before a quarter-final run at Eastbourne.

That included a victory over Jessica Pegula, for Raducanu’s first ever win over a top-ten opponent. She’ll be hoping there are more to come over the next fortnight.

Raducanu 'living under a rock' ahead of SW19 return

14:45 , Matt Verri

Emma Raducanu has described herself as “living under a rock” to get ready for her Wimbledon return.

The 21-year-old missed last year’s tournament after undergoing surgery on both her wrists and an ankle and is today the second match on Centre Court.

Raducanu opted out of the French Open and much of the clay-court season to prepare herself for the grass, but also to protect her body.

Going into Wimbledon, she said: “I have been living a bit under a rock the last few weeks.

“I’ve been just focusing on my tennis. I haven’t really had time to do much else. The time I spent before taking off the French Open helped me just physically transition, helped me hit a few more balls on this surface.”

A year ago, Raducanu was at Wimbledon working with sponsors but admitted it was a painful experience, knowing she was missing her home Grand Slam, an event where she made her breakthrough in 2021.

“It was really hard, because you would walk through the same player tunnel, see your peers going to practice, going to play their match,” she said. “Being on the other side really stung. To be on this side of it this year is just super-special.”

 (Getty Images for LTA)
(Getty Images for LTA)

Centre Court update

14:37 , Matt Verri

It’s been a real battle for Carlos Alcaraz in the opening hour of his Wimbledon campaign.

The defending champion is up against Mark Lajal, the 21-year-old qualifier from Estonia who has played superbly.

Lajal took the opening set to a tie-break, but a missed forehand at 3-3 proved costly as Alcaraz won four points on the bounce to take it.

Alcaraz a third of the way to victory... reminder that Raducanu follows that match on Centre Court.

Third seed Sabalenka pulls out

14:28 , Matt Verri

World number three Aryna Sabalenka has pulled out of Wimbledon with a shoulder injury.

The 26-year-old has reached at least the quarter-finals in each of the last seven Grand Slams, but that run will come to an end after she withdrew ahead of her first-round match.

Sabalenka, who retired during a quarter-final match in Berlin in the build-up to Wimbledon, had been due to face Emina Bektas on Monday afternoon, but decided she was unable to compete after bringing a premature end to a practice session earlier in the day. She is replaced in the draw by lucky loser Erika Andreeva.

Sabalenka posted on Instagram: “Heartbroken to have to tell you all that I won't be able to play The Championships this year. I tried everything to get myself ready but unfortunately my shoulder is not cooperating.

“I pushed myself to the limit in practice today to try my best, but my team explained that playing would only make things much worse.”

Click here for the full story

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Elsewhere at Wimbledon...

14:16 , Matt Verri

It’s been a typically busy start to the action at Wimbledon.

Andy Murray has played a practice set with Kyle Edmund, winning that 6-3 as he prepares to make a final decision on whether he will play as scheduled tomorrow.

We’ve had one Brit in action so far today - not a positive start. Heather Watson was knocked out in straight sets by Greet Minnen.

On Court 2, Charles Broom is facing Stan Wawrinka and is a set down, while Arthur Fery is on serve with Daniel Altmaier in the opening set of that clash.

Standard Sport prediction

14:05 , Matt Verri

Raducanu now goes into this match as a firm favourite.

The 21-year-old has been in promising form on grass in recent weeks, and now faces an opponent who has won only one Grand Slam main-draw match.

It could prove to be more difficult than expected, with Raducanu having to change the plans she had prepared for Alexandrova, but the Brit should have enough to adapt and ease into the second round.

Raducanu to win, straight sets.

 (John Walton/PA Wire)
(John Walton/PA Wire)

Late change for Raducanu

13:52 , Matt Verri

Emma Raducanu had been due to face 22nd seed Ekaterina Alexandrova this afternoon, in what looked to be a tricky test.

But the Russian pulled out this morning with illness, and it means it is instead lucky loser Renata Zarazua on the other side of the net.

Zarazua was beaten by Mccartney Kessler in her final qualifying match last week, but now gets the chance to make her first appearance in the Wimbledon main draw.

How to watch Raducanu vs Zarazua

13:42 , Matt Verri

TV channel: The match will be broadcast live in the UK free-to-air on BBC One, with coverage running through to 6pm. Should Raducanu and Zarazua still be playing then, the match will conclude on BBC Two.

Live stream: This match, as well as tennis from across the courts at Wimbledon, can be followed live online via the BBC iPlayer and BBC Sport website.

Live blog: You can follow all the action right here with us!

Good afternoon!

13:33 , Matt Verri

Hello and welcome to Standard Sport’s LIVE coverage of Emma Raducanu vs Renata Zarazua!

It’s the first day of action at Wimbledon and Raducanu makes her return to SW19, having missed out last year with injury.

The Briton is the second match on Centre Court this afternoon, following the conclusion of Carlos Alcaraz vs Mark Lajal, so play should get underway at around 4pm BST.

 (John Walton/PA Wire)
(John Walton/PA Wire)