Emily Atack calls out victim-blaming troll after she shared cheeky Instagram post

Emily Atack calls out sexist troll after she shared cheeky caption ((BBC/Little Gem Productions/Richard Ansett/PA))
Emily Atack calls out sexist troll after she shared cheeky caption ((BBC/Little Gem Productions/Richard Ansett/PA))

Emily Atack has called out a ‘sexist’ social media user for victim-blaming after she posted a tongue-and-cheek Instagram.

The former Inbetweeners actress took to social media on Monday to show off her new ‘do and cheekily joked: “Big and bouncy. So is the hair. Thank you gang @pauledmonds217.”

But after sharing the selfie, the 33-year-old was targeted by a cruel social media user who claimed she was ‘asking’ for suggestive responses after using the playful innuendo in her caption.

The person replied in the comments: “And then you wonder why trolls pick you up! Why would you say that if you don’t like that sort of attention????!”

Understandably furious with the remark, Atack responded: “Even if I put no caption at all, it would still get perverted comments.

“So, it just shows it has nothing to do with me or my choices. It is not my fault some men can’t control themselves. Listen to what you are saying to me.

Atack called out the social media user (Instagram/Emily Atack)
Atack called out the social media user (Instagram/Emily Atack)

“You are saying I am the one who needs to change, change how I speak, change my sense of humour, maybe change the way I dress, completely change everything that I am… but the people who send the abuse can carry on as they are?

“No fault lies with them at all. Just me. The person I have chosen to be. That is what you are saying by making those comments. Do you understand that comments like yours are a huge part of the issue?”

Still reeling from the exchange, the ITV star took to her Instagram Story to vent her frustration over the social media user’s lack of understanding.

Sharing a screenshot of the post, she wrote: “I really struggle to understand how some people just don’t get it.

“Then I’m slowly realising how maybe it takes a deeper level of intelligence that some people just don’t have?”

The comment comes after Atack was praised earlier this year for her BBC documentary, Emily Atack: Asking For It?, which saw her explore digital sexual harrassment and abuse.

In the show, she discussed her experiences of sexual harassment and shared some of the social media messages she has received – which the actress said have included rape threats – to explore why she and others are harassed online.

She spoke to a sexual violence and abuse councillor and online safety campaigners to learn why it has been normalised for so long and also spoke to police about what is being done to protect women and girls.

Atack has previously campaigned against cyberflashing, where individuals send unsolicited explicit images online, and spoke about the issue in Parliament last February.

Last March, the UK Government announced that cyberflashing would become a new criminal offence with perpetrators facing up to two years behind bars.