The "Sesame Street" Muppets Were Super Supportive Of Elmo After He Accidentally Started A Discussion On Mental Health Online

Word must've traveled fast around Sesame Street because the rest of the Muppets are stepping up to the plate after Elmo sent Twitter into a frenzy.

sesame street characters gathered outside
Don Perdue / PBS / courtesy Everett Collection

On Monday morning, as people wrestled out of bed to start their work week with remnants of the weekend still lingering in their mind, Elmo decided to share a message with his followers.

A closeup of Elmo
Richard Termine / PBS / courtesy Everett Collection

But the furry creature didn't realize how such a simple question could hold so much impact with his audience.

Twitter: @elmo

Because it didn't take long for fans to react and the general theme within everyone's response was that we're all going through something!

Here's are just a few of the answers Elmo received:

Twitter: @Seamus_Malek

Twitter: @NifMuhammad

Twitter: @NatashaOladokun

Bravo / Twitter: @JBfromDC89

Well, Elmo's friends wanted to make sure he knew he — and probably us too — also had someone to talk to if he ever needed it, and it was so sweet! They each reassured Elmo that he'd always have a friend to turn to.

sesame street characters dancing

There was Grover:

PBS / Twitter: @Grover

And Oscar the Grouch, who was self-aware enough to recognize his strengths and weaknesses:

PBS / Twitter: @OscarTheGrouch

Then Cookie Monster offered companionship and even some goodies:

PBS / Twitter: @MeCookieMonster

While Snuffleupagus ensured his "huge ears" would always be available to listen to his feelings:

PBS / Twitter: @MrSnuffleupagus

Surprisingly, there were no supportive messages from Zoe or Rocco, but we'll leave that discussion for another day.


With all of the wild and ugly conversations that happen online, it was nice to see a positive conversation about mental health and friendship on my timeline. The fact that Elmo started it is just a bonus.