Elmo’s Concern For Your State Of Mind Draws Many Responses, Including From The White House

Sesame Street icon Elmo apparently opened a can of worms with his tweet. The puppet asked on X, “Elmo is just checking in! How is everybody doing?”

What followed was a litany of misery.

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“The world is burning around us, Elmo,” said user Steven.

“I feel like we all died in 2020,” said another user.

“Elmo, we are tired,” said a third.

The complaints flowed in a similar vein, with one popular one standing out.

“Elmo I’m gonna be real I am at my f—king limit,” wrote one user, whose response has generated more than half a million likes.

The reactions even prompted Elmo to write a follow-up tweet: “Wow! Elmo is glad he asked! Elmo learned that it is important to ask a friend how they are doing. Elmo will check in again soon, friends! Elmo loves you. #EmotionalWellBeing.

Not to be left behind, the White House issued its own response to the malarkey.

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