Elizabeth Hurley's New Erotic Thriller Is Being Directed By Her Son — And We're All Confused

Elizabeth Hurley has filmed a steamy scene for a new film — directed by her 21-year-old son.

Damian Hurley recently shared the first trailer for his feature directorial debut, “Strictly Confidential,” in which his 58-year-old mom gets hot and heavy with a younger woman (Pear Chiravara). Social media users were naturally baffled (and curious) by the trailer.

“Part of me wants to thank [Damian Hurley], none of me wants to shake his hand,” one user wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

“She’s a beautiful woman. It’s also peak Roman Empire for a kid to be directing mom in soft-core porn,” another wrote.

According to People, “Strictly Confidential” is billed as a “sensual thriller with a devilish twist,” where a woman named Mia (Georgia Lock) goes to the Caribbean to investigate her friend’s death. While there, she meets Lily (Elizabeth Hurley) — and enters a “seductive world of sex, betrayal and murder.”

Back in 2022, Damian Hurley explained on Instagram how his mother ended up in the film.

“I want to worship [my mom] who, during the making of my first ever short film back in 2010 (when I was 8) promised me she’d be in my first feature,” he wrote at the time. “True to her word, the minute this film was greenlit, Mama dropped everything and raced out to the beautiful Caribbean to help.”

While speaking with People, Damian Hurley elaborated on what it was like to work with his mother.

“We only had 18 days to shoot the whole film, so our twin-like telepathy was invaluable throughout,” he said, adding that the “power dynamic” between them was “complicated at the best of times” but made for “a joy to come to work” with.

Still, their upcoming collaboration has clearly unsettled some people.