Elijah Moore

Fearless Forecast: 1078 TOTAL YDS, 80 REC, 6 TD
Projected Rank: 27

Video transcript


MATT HARMON: Oh, man, Elijah Moore is just so, so good at the game. This is a guy that people thought might just be a slot receiver. But last year, he showed that he could win as a true X receiver, I mean, beating press man coverage all throughout the field. This is a guy who was a top-five fantasy receiver during a small, small stretch of last year when he was playing with backup quarterbacks when Corey Davis was hurt.

But I think that those games showed you that the talent is absolutely there with this player. I mean, I think he is one of my favorite breakout picks right now. There are questions, of course. New York added a lot to its offense this year. Garrett Wilson's a top-10 pick. Corey Davis is going to be back healthy. They also beefed up the tight end room and added a rookie running back.

But hopefully, some of those additions just keep the offense more viable, keep the offense afloat. Hopefully, it helps elevate Zach Wilson. Because really, for Elijah Moore to hit in fantasy this year, we just need him to be average. And we need Zach Wilson to be average this year. I think with some of the offensive line changes and additions, we could see Zach Wilson just be better this year.

Man, I really do just want to kind of close my eyes and bet on talent here with Elijah Moore because I really am so bullish on him as a player. I see him at 80 catches, just over 1,000 yards. Right now, got him a little bit ahead of ADP at wide receiver 27.

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