Edinburgh City deducted six points by SPFL over unpaid wages

Meadowbank Stadium
Edinburgh City have been hiring Meadowbank Stadium for their home games this season

Edinburgh City have been docked six points after failing to pay players on time, the SPFL has confirmed.

The League One side have been given the points deduction after a hearing into league rule breaches, which had been admitted by the club.

The Meadowbank side had faced a winding up order after failing to pay due taxes to HM Revenue and Customs.

City, who are bottom of League One with just two wins all season, will now drop down to four points.

The hearing related to the club's failure to pay players on time on 30 November, and their failure to inform the SPFL they owed unpaid tax to HMRC.

The SPFL said the club had also not engaged fully in the disciplinary process.

An SPFL spokesperson commented: "The payment of players' wages, and the tax default and reporting rules, are integral parts of maintaining a fair league competition."

Earlier this week, City chairman John Dickson said the club had managed to reach agreement with HMRC, and was confident they could fulfil the rest of the season's fixtures.